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Orange Dropping the Ball By Not Calling Recruits Back

Another decommit continues to scar Syracuse’s dreadful season

Earlier this week, there were multiple reports of another SU commit for the Class of 2015 decommitting.This time it was West Lindor. He follows Gerald Robinson, Daiquan Kelly, Doyle Grimes and Davante Davis who have all decommitted from Syracuse.


There has been a common theme, at least between Lindor and Robinson that should be concerning for the SU staff and fans; the kids say the Orange has stopped contacting them.


Whether you want to believe them or dismiss them as high school kids, this should be concerning for the Orange and its fans.


The least you can do when you are recruiting kids is answer them. Even if there is no more use for a guy like Lindor after Trey Dunkelberger committed, give Lindor a call and “advise him” to look elsewhere. Explain the situation. Have Lester get on the phone and explain his system. If Lindor (or any other recruit) feels he still fits in the system, then he should be welcomed to stay.


Now, that may work for the offensive players, and it is possible that the Orange has decided to stop contacting kids instead of rescinding its scholarship—something that doesn’t look good for a program—but the change in offensive system shouldn’t have an effect on defensive players like Robinson, Kelly, Grimes and Davis.


When Robinson decommitted, he also said that he had not been contacted as often by SU. When The Fizz spoke to Robinson and asked about a lack of discussion, he said:
“I don’t think it’s any chatter going down. I just think they’ve been going through some things. I’m just gonna stay away from that. I don’t really want to get into that.”
Whatever “things” the Orange had been through—losing, McDonald’s demotion—there is a reason why you have someone like Eric White on staff. He is “Director of Recruiting” and during the season, there should still be a group of people (led by him) that is reaching out to recruits.


If that staff exists, it takes pressure off the coaches, who are understandably busy during the season. But that staff better be doing its job of calling, texting, emailing or whatever other type of communication they use to get in touch with the SU recruits. Just because a kid commits doesn’t mean you can stop talking to him because he is still free to go anywhere else he wants up until National Signing Day in February.


This is certainly a problem for the Orange. There is no excuse for not answering a kid. Even if you are no longer interested, at least pick up the phone and explain what is going on a little. Instead, the Orange is left picking up the pieces after yet another decommittment. 


Posted:  Seth Goldberg
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