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Men’s Basketball Will Look Much Different As Boeheim’s Time Ticks Down

Jim Boeheim is taking the NCAA infractions very seriously, as he should.

The Syracuse basketball program has been an image not only of Central New York, but college basketball across the country. It has a long history of success during the regular season, but often coming up a little short in the NCAA tournament.

The program has entered a new chapter of its history with the infractions issued. This program will not exactly be the same for the next few years, especially in key areas:

Jim Boeheim.

The head coach of 39 years has said he intends to retire in three years. During his news conference on Thursday, it was a matter of being an effective coach. He said if he can’t be effective, he won’t coach. This very well means next season could be his last, but his intention is to be at the helm for another three years. Most of us do not know Syracuse basketball without Boeheim as a part of the program. Boeheim’s 2-3 zone and recruiting tactics are two of the major things that have helped the Orange succeed. What happens when he is gone? How much different will this team be? It will all depend if Mike Hopkins takes over, or if the athletic department hires from outside.


This one is absolutely huge. Boeheim and his staff knows how to recruit talent. Simply look at the players Syracuse has had over the years Boeheim has been the head coach, and you can clearly see the man knows how to bring in talent. This is an area that has issued major infractions upon the university. The issue will always be a label on this program, which puts the program’s image at stake Рnot in a positive way. Any player who comes here could very well be questioned of the decision because of the violations that has happened. Now with fewer scholarships, how heavily can Syracuse compete not only during the regular season, but in the NCAA tournament? Keep an eye on this – when Syracuse is targeting certain players, it is possible for some to go elsewhere because this is attached to the university’s name.


As mentioned on Fizz Radio, Saturday morning, this is an academic issue. This is not an on-the-court basketball issue. Why are current and future players being punished not only for something they didn’t do, but being punished on the court when it was an academic issue? Punish Boeheim because he is the head coach of the program. Perhaps even the athletic director because they oversee everything. It is beyond unfair for the players to be punished because they had nothing to do with it.

These infractions change the future of the program for more than just the three years the infractions will be going on. This is something that will always be attached to SU’s name, and it has to do with reputation. The program will still succeed, but in a different way.

Posted:  Austin Pollack

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