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Never Miss “Happy Harvey Day” for the Mets With Slingbox

You can get SNY delivered right to your laptop.

For the first time in a long time, Mets fans have reason to be excited for the season. And nothing gets the fan base fired up more then Matt Harvey starts. They’ve taken on a life of their own, and #HappyHarveyDay has trended on Twitter since he’s come back from the Tommy John surgery.

Tonight he makes his second start of the season when the Mets host the Phillies, and as a Mets fan myself, I couldn’t imagine missing it. Of course, if you’re away from home, or not in front of the TV, that tends to happen, since Mets games are rarely picked up nationally.

The only way to solve that is by Slingbox. They’ve sponsored our coverage over the last few weeks, and I’ve had the chance to set up my own. I’ve connected it to my TV, and so everything I can watch at home, I now can watch on my laptop. Mets games with Gary, Keith and Ron on SNY? Delivered right to my laptop. In fact, with the app it can be delivered right to your tablet or iPhone. No extra fees, no Extra Inning package for hundreds of dollars.

Here’s the screen shots from yesterday’s home opener on my laptop, via my Slingbox. The M1 cost me around $150, and it’s been awesome. Installation was easy (just routes through your normal DVR or cable box), as soon as I upgraded my iOS on my Mac. Here’s some more information on Slingbox:

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Mets 3 Mets 2 Mets 1


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