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You Can’t Blame Robert Washington’s Dad in Syracuse Flap

The whole recruitment is hitting the boiling point.

It’s understandable to look at Robert Washington’s dad as a guy shooting the messenger yesterday. ran a story. Used quotes on the record. It created a stir. And then he called the writer “weak as hell” on Twitter. Yes, there was a more diplomatic way of handling that.

But we shouldn’t tar and feather the guy. Let’s look at the facts. His son has admitted he has already made his decision, but he hasn’t told anyone. Including his parents. So we should all understand dad is just guessing like many of us are. And if he’s hopeful that his son chooses Orange, then he’s like many of us. Parents and coaches are constantly being called, emailed and texted for the players decision (including by this website and its accompanying radio show over the years). Some parents and coaches embrace it. Some hide. But no matter what, almost everyone is forced to be thrown into the mix on recruits this big.

I don’t think Washington Sr. is trying to be a media star, or purposely misleading anyone. It’s just a feeding frenzy right now. This isn’t Temple battling Old Dominion for a player. This is Florida, Alabama and Michigan. Those are rabid fanbases, everyone looking for a morsel. So first, Washington Sr. may have given us as Orange Nation some false hope if his son doesn’t pick SU. But that’s also on us. We shouldn’t let our day be ruined (or made) via the expectations from one quote. We all know it’s part of a bigger picture. Plus, he’s right on the #44 debate. It’s ridiculous it was retired, and most kids these days don’t understand just how great Jim Brown was. Nothing wrong there.

He then tweeted that he has no clue where his son is going (I can believe that). That he’ll support him no matter what (that’s good). “Don’t believe everything you read” is also true, as we all know.

Now the part where you get a little sideways is “If it didn’t come from my son’s mouth it’s not true.” Well, dad just undermined all of his own quotes. But hey, that’s fine. When he takes a jab at Stephen Bailey that’s not fair, because he can’t just take down any damn article that may cause some debate. If so, then he’d lose credibility for every other story that he ever filed. But we’re all in the middle of this hectic social media world. Things take on a velocity before you can blink, and sometimes you try to just dump a bucket of water on it before it burns any hotter.

It’s a passionate parent, in the middle of a crazy recruitment. And it’s a little reminiscent of the Ishaq Williams saga with his dad (and The Fizz). But overall, this is not the end of the world. Just another day in an extremely hot recruitment.

Posted: D.A.

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