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Jamal Holloway Talks Syracuse Football (And Basketball) With the Fizz

The Camden defensive end says Syracuse’s tradition stood out over other schools.

Jamal Holloway became the first defensive end of Syracuse’s 2016 class last week. On Tuesday, he talked to Orange Fizz’s Nathan Dickinson about his commitment and goals on both the football field and basketball court.

The Fizz first asked Holloway what made Syracuse stand out over his other choices, some of which were Michigan State, North Carolina and Rutgers.

“The tradition at Syracuse, honestly. Everything about them is about tradition. The number 44 and the honor of wearing Orange; it means so much just to wear Syracuse colors. That’s why it kind of stood out from the other schools I was looking at.”

Holloway won’t come to Syracuse alone. Camden’s outside linebacker DyMelle Parker committed to the Orange a month before Holloway. While Holloway says it wasn’t a major factor in his decision, he’s happy there will be someone at Syracuse he knows from the start.

“I want to see new people, but it’s good to have someone I know with me up there at the next level to help me develop as a person and also form a better bond with.”

Football isn’t Holloway’s only sport, either. He’s been a varsity basketball player since his freshman year, and even thinks he can walk onto Syracuse’s team.

“I’ve talked to Coach Hopkins; he told me to send him some highlights. I’m not sure if he got them yet. Hopefully I can be a walk-on, I’d like to do some good things for both sports.”

Moving back to the football field, Holloway talked about what Syracuse wants him to improve on before joining the team next year.

“One is my weight, everyone says that to me,” Holloway told the Fizz. He only weighs 215 pounds. “I have to work on my hands, [the coaching staff] says I can get off the line with the quick first step, [they] just want me to get my hands together so I can be able to maneuver from the offensive line’s initial punch.”

Finally, Holloway told Orange Fizz what he wants his legacy to be once he’s finished at Syracuse.

“I’ll stay simple. I want to be known as a hard worker, and that I gave it my all every practice and every game; that I was great in two sports.”

Holloway will have to be a hard worker if he wants to see playing time in 2016; he’s got a lot of players ahead of him on the depth chart.

Posted: Nathan Dickinson

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