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The Fizz Needs Your Help! What Do We Do With The Marrone Shirts?

A few years ago, at the height of the Marrone Optimism on the Hill, we at the Fizz decided to help fly the flag. With a local graphic designer, we developed the “Teach Me How to Dougie” tee. They were extremely popular, and even were the subject of a few local new stories.

With each run that sold out, we printed another. And we had just produced another 100 shirts when… Marrone bolted for Buffalo. Those shirts sat in a storage room at Fizz headquarters for the last few years, and recently I found them while moving some boxes around.

So now I’m sitting on a ton of brand new, unused, never-worn Dougie shirts in all sizes – S, M, L, XL. In some ways, it makes you laugh because now Marrone’s national rep has been pummeled with the fallout after Buffalo. In some ways, it makes you wince because it wasn’t that long ago that we actually felt a surge of optimism for Syracuse football.

I’ve thought about dropping them off at the Salvation Army, but do they want 100 of the same shirt? I looked into sending them to a third-world country, like Patriots 19-0 tees or Cleveland Cavs championship ones. But it seems like shipping costs are too crazy to get them anywhere to make that happen. I could sell them at a steep discount? Maybe $5 for some of you diehard ‘Cuse fans and Marrone supporters, and just use the proceeds for a local charity of choice, like the Boys and Girls Club of Central New York.

I’m not sure.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. Please comment below with any suggestions you may have. I’d like to use the flickering light that used to be the Marrone-led Orange for good. And I don’t want to hold onto 100 t-shirts until he returns to coach the program in 2035.


Posted: D.A.


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