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Your Guide To Winning The Jim Boeheim Look-alike Contest

Admit it. If you’re a Syracuse fan, then at some point you’ve wanted to be Jim Boeheim. The man gets paid millions of dollars to be a God among men in Central New York, and can say anything and everything he wants without having to worry about what people will think about him.

When Syracuse plays Notre Dame in the Dome on January 28, the Boeheim wannabes will have their chance to shine as a part of Syracuse Athletics’ “Dress Like Coach Boeheim Night.” As a part of the promotion, halftime will feature a Jim Boeheim look-alike contest judged by Syracuse basketball’s first lady Juli Boeheim. The contest is only available to students, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be going all out to make sure you’re the best Jim Boeheim in the stands.

Here are the must-haves for pulling off the look Coach has been rocking for the past 40 years.

Step 1: Plaid’s Chris Carlson asked this question in his column regarding the Boeheim look-alike contest:

‚ÄúThe big question is whether Juli will be partial to Boeheim’s old-fashioned look or the more dapper look‚Äù

I don’t know what Juli will prefer, but when it comes to new Boeheim versus old Boeheim, always be old Boeheim.

If you put “Jim Boeheim” into a Google image search, the third suggested search (behind “Jim Boeheim wife” and “Jim Boeheim nose pick”) is “Jim Boeheim plaid.” Sure, you could just go with an everyday suit jacket, or you could head over to the local Salvation Army, pick out a jacket that would make Craig Sager proud, and show up to the Carrier Dome in style.

And when you really think about it, would the real Boeheim accept any less effort?

Step 2: Glasses

Like the jacket, these are not your run-of-the-mill spectacles. We’re talking coke bottle glasses; the kind of glasses that can handle the amount of squints, eye rolls and scowls Boeheim puts into his. You’ll probably have to start wearing them a week in advance to ease into the extra weight, but it’ll all be worth it when the kid sitting next to you at the game mistakes you for the real deal and asks for your autograph.

Will your eyes hurt after a few hours of prescription glasses for the legally blind? Probably, but no pain no gain, right?

Step 3: Attitude

Looking the part is only a fraction of playing it, and luckily Coach Boeheim has given us plenty of character to emulate over the years. While watching the Notre Dame game in your plaid coat and nerd glasses be constantly asking yourself: WWJD (What Would Jim Do)? If you find yourself unable to wrap your mind around the ways of Boeheim, here is a list of things to think about that should help you get into character:

РHow many games you would’ve won without Gerry McNamara

– Answering questions from the media

– Kaleb Joseph missing a rotation on defense

– Picking your nose on television

If constantly running those ideas through your head don’t get you thinking like Boeheim, I don’t know what will.

Posted: Nathan Dickinson

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