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Matthew Moyer Talks Recruiting, Jim Boeheim and Paul Pierce

SU’s first 2016 commit visit the Hill this weekend.

In an interview that will air Saturday at 9AM on The Score 1260 in Syracuse, Matthew Moyer spoke with the Fizz ahead of his visit to Syracuse this weekend.

Moyer tried to recruit 2016 forward Taurean Thompson while the two played against each other last month according to the Post Standard. This weekend Moyer will try and convince two 2017 players to join him at SU. Quade Green and Hamidou Diallo are also visiting for the NC State game.

“I’ve already been going hard at Quade Green. We are really high on him as well as Hamidou [Diallo], I’m just starting to go after him…Myself and Tyus know the importance of getting those guys coming in 2017.”

Moyer said he wants to spend as much time as possible at Syracuse before enrolling in the fall. His last visit was for the Duke game last season.

“If my mom says I have a free weekend, it’s always I would like to go to Syracuse.”

SU’s first 2016 commit already has a great relationship with Jim Boeheim. Moyer said that Boeheim has nicknamed him “Matty” and that so far he’s kept everything real.

“He doesn’t really show affection, he’s straight faced…He’s not going to sugar coat anything and he’s not going to baby you. He’s not like some coaches that are going to tell you lies like oh you know you’re going to come here and start…He keeps it 100.”

What should Syracuse fans expect from Moyer on the court? He said he tries to emulate Paul Pierce.

“My favorite player of all time is Paul Pierce. I try to model my game as much as I can after Paul Pierce. His mid range game, the way he approaches the game, him and other players like Kobe they just want to cut your heart out, and bring energy to the fans and to the team. I just think Paul Pierce. I just love how he’s a bigger guy six-eight and he can beat you in many ways, hit you with the three, the pull up, take you to the basket. I’ll never forget the 2010 Eastern Conference Semi Finals and [the Celtics] played the Cleveland Cavaliers and they beat them. I just fell in love with his game and at Kansas he was unbelievable. Ever since I’ve been ten years old I’ve been in the backyard trying to do midrange pull ups like him, fading to the left. He’s a role model of mine and I try to model my game after him as much as possible.”

When all of the sanctions came out against Syracuse hoops and Jim Boeheim made his retirement announcement, Moyers’ interest in Syracuse actually increased.

“[Jim Boeheim] retiring motivates me more to go there…Imagine finishing him off with a National Championship, you wouldn’t be forgotten in the history of college basketball, let alone Syracuse…The main factor was Mike Hopkins, him sticking around to be the head coach, things won’t change much…When the sanctions came out I’m not even considering leaving.”

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Posted: Connor Morrissette

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