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Patrick Tapé Back to Duke; What to Make of Weird Syracuse Weekend?

Patrick Tapé capped off a wild weekend to be a Syracuse fan with some sour news last night. After de-commiting from Duke on Thursday, the Columbia grad transfer center is actually going to stay with Duke, after all. 

On Saturday night, Syracuse got the terrific Alan Griffin news. If I was writing an article that night, it would’ve likely been about this newfound optimism for next year’s team. As of then, it seemed like Griffin was going to be eligible to play right away and Tap√© might soon be joining him, based on some reports SU was getting the center. ¬†

There was literally talk of Syracuse being a preseason top 25 team next year on Saturday night. Heck, they had just won a national championship (sorta). 

Oh, also our head coach literally announced that one of the best basketball players of recent memory almost went to Syracuse on Saturday night, which was previously unknown to have any real chance of happening. Somehow without any games, a lot happened this weekend.

Now on Sunday night, 24 hours after that chatter of a top 25 team, it feels like we are kinda back to square one, at least in regards to next years outlook. Jon Rothstein reported this vote for transfers to play right away, which seemed likely to pass this summer, might actually not happen. And Tap√© isn’t the starting center next year anymore.

So what to make of this strange, up-and-down weekend? 

Well, overall it was a positive one. Alan Griffin was a really, really big get. Given the Orange‚Äôs transfer success in the past and his sheer talent, Griffin could be a two-year starter for SU, whenever he does start. 

He immediately becomes one of the most talented players on the roster. Now, obviously since it’s the next thing to look forward to, you hope he can get a waiver and play right away.

There are some positives to him sitting, gaining some weight so he is a strong build for the forward spot and developing though.

Keep in mind, it seems like this is going to be a rushed offseason to introduce a newcomer to the zone. Sitting worked out pretty well for all the other transfers, including Hughes. 

If he pans out, Syracuse could have a very solid rotation in a couple years with him, Buddy and Joe all upperclassmen. Also if he sits, Griffin could be a part of a Dior Johnson, Girard (Sr.), Quincy (Sr.) team down the road. With some other recruits from the strong looking 2022 class mixed in, perhaps. 

For a couple hours on Saturday it looked like next year was suddenly going to be a very solid Syracuse team. It might not be that easy, but don’t let the recent news fool you. Considering the Orange got Alan Griffin, you should still be happy about the past couple days.

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