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The Future of the Online Casino Industry in the U.S.

Syracuse fans always had two options if they wanted a little action after the game. Head out on 90 to Turning Stone or flip on the computer and play on the internet. Now sports betting is opening up across the country, and people are more tethered to phones than ever before. Online casinos have always been a contentious topic in the United States. Unlike many other countries, the legality of this franchise has been challenged on many levels. However, like sports gambling things are slowly changing for the better. Online gaming is a multi-million dollar industry. It is becoming clear that digital portals are some of the most popular ways for fans to access their favorite sites with the click of a button. The global health situation has caused aficionados to turn to the digital community, as many traditional establishments have closed their doors for indefinite periods of time. If you’re wagering on SU +6 vs. Pitt on your computer, what might the future of this sector hold? Here’s a handful of predictions that could very well come to pass in the not-so-distant future.¬†

The Deregulation of the Online Casino Sector

Surprisingly enough, only two states have legalized online casinos (Pennsylvania and New Jersey). So, when might the others follow suit? This is actually a difficult question to answer, as each state is governed by its own set of laws. It is also unlikely that the federal government will choose to step in any time soon.

Still, it should be mentioned that brick-and-mortar establishments have lost massive amounts of money due to the current lockdowns within many regions. This is why it is perfectly logical to predict that these very same firms may begin to lobby Congress for the ability to offer their customers online versions. In other words, the entire industry may be subject to more lax regulations in the coming years.

The Role of 5G Internet Services

Another interesting factor that will influence online gaming in the United States is the growing presence of 5G Internet connectivity. As more individuals choose to access the online community via mobile devices, it only stands to reason that many will be looking for gaming options in the form of apps. This creates a massive market for any developer. Whether referring to live video poker, blackjack or slots, demand is extremely high. As 5G services become more ubiquitous throughout the country, it is likely that even more apps will come into circulation (even if some will need to access them via a standalone VPN service).

The chances of online gaming being legalized in all 50 states are slim at best. It is much more probable that individual states and regions will begin to take steps in order to adopt a more flexible approach in regards to their regulations. This is good news for those new to the sector as well as for seasoned veterans. Although there is no doubt that traditional casinos still hold an immense appeal, consumers are now living within a truly digital age.

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