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Fizz Feedback: Orange Nation Debates the Severity of Ashton Broyld’s Outburst

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Nearly all of this week’s feedback was centered around the Fizz Investigation into the Ashton Broyld situation in Rochester. Broyld is the New York State football player of the year and an SU recruit. After a basketball game, in which his Rush-Henrietta team lost to arch rival Irondequoit, Broyld allegedly exposed himself and the case is currently going through the courts. His legal team denied a plea deal last week as the latest development.

The Fizz spoke exclusively to one of the captains for Irondequoit, who analyzed how things escalated. Although the player and his teammates were back in the locker room at the time of the alleged exposure, the story of the buildup and Broyld’s on-field/court behavior was just as damning. That wasn’t good enough for one Fizz reader, though. We highly recomend listening to the FizzCast exclusive interview below before reading further to get the full story before divulging into the comments.

“Hold up man. How in the WORLD can you possibly use a source that was not present at the time of the alleged happening? You could have interviewed me and i could have told you that, ‚Äù yea, i was not even in rochester when this happened, but i heard from the ice cream guy that someone saw him throw an old lady through a window.‚Äù Are you really proud of this entry? You are about as credible as Fox News at this point. What did you possibly gain from writing this today? “- J Hughes

He was in the building. He was on the court for the first 18 minutes of the blowup. He did not see the exposure firsthand but he was there for the rest of it. If the only thing you got out of reading this story was that he didn’t see Ashton whip it out, you’re missing the bigger point.

He was an awful sportsman on the floor, emotionally exploded, refused to shake hands postgame and instead chose to flip trash cans. That’s not a Marrone kind of guy. If this is something that happened regularly, do you want this guy representing your team, and possibly in a few years being the face of it as the starting QB?

Ashton seems to be a really good kid who made awful mistake, Marrone and the guys on the team will likely help him mature, but there was a lot more to this story than him exposing himself.

“Hasselhoff – YOU are missing the bigger point. The kid lost his composure. It happens. Marrone will take care of that. The problem is quoting a kid who was not there during SAID situation.” – J Hughes

How did you know I always run in slow motion on the beach with women who look like this?!?!?!?

The Fizz defense team also presents Exhibit A: Our reporting reputation stands on its own, including via other readers.

“J Hughes, it sounds like you‚Äôre losing your composure. It‚Äôs perfectly reasonable to quote a player who witnessed most of the temper tantrum first hand and then spoke to classmates who saw the rest of the incident. That‚Äôs a credible source, and your comparison to ‘the ice cream guy’ makes you sound like a fool.” – KJ

As previously stated, the point is the incident was about way more than an indecent exposure. It’s the buildup to the explosion that was the story.

“Your comment saying ‘if this something that happens regularly?’ would be a better story than what you wrote. Does it? That is something that you should dive into, not exposing this wrong doing that everyone knows about. We all know that he exposed himself and flipped out. But is this something that can be fixed, one freak accident or is this his real character? that is a good story. Keep it up and dig for insights, look forward to more posts.” – Muffin

Thanks. All of us at Team Fizz promise to keep ’em coming. The player says in the story that Broyld was consistently a ‚Äúdouche baggy guy‚Äù on the field for football and on the court in basketball – especially this year.

Once again, this wasn‚Äôt about just exposing the details of what happened (no pun intended). We knew most of the incident since it happened in March, this is more exploring the buildup and why. By finding someone who was willing to go on record and saw it firsthand, we were able to get into the specific details of what happened to help stamp out speculation and conjecture. (BTW if anyone did see or knows anyone, please email us. All of our contacts are listed in the Team Fizz bios above.) For now, it’s more about ‚Äúwhy did this happen?‚Äù and is his behavior common? Apparently it is, this time it just boiled over.

“doesn‚Äôt everybody whip their D*** out when their pissed? Or Ashton and I the only ones???” – OrangeCrush22

I think this was an attempt at a pun. If not, I don’t know what it is. Always remember kids, it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on.

“The biggest attribute a quarterback needs is judgement, and at least in this case Ashton seems to be lacking there. Who cares if he’s douchey on the field? It’s engaging fans and getting charged with lewdness after 20 minutes of [idiocy], that concerns me. Broyld was severely lacking in the good judgement area in that moment – sounds as though he would make a great weakside linebacker.”

Of course J Hughes had an opinion.

“While you may be right that he is probably lacking good decision making skills at this point, THAT is what growing is all about. HCDM is THE man to rectify the way this kid may be currently acting. It would be a great success story and I would like to see a kid with many tools learn how to be a man and grow into something spectacular. Am I the only person here that wants to help this kid out and see him flourish? What is wrong with our society if we want to just brush this kid aside and forget about him because of one bad judgement?” – J Hughes

Somehow, J Hughes is both completely right and completely wrong. That’s a first. Yes, that is what growing is about. No, HCDM isn‚Äôt necessarily the man to do it. Doug Marrone has proved a lot of things in his short tenure, but having patience with knuckleheads isn‚Äôt one of them. He had no patience for Hawkes and a short leash for Cater. One second chance and then goodbye.

Also, no one at The Fizz has suggested getting rid of this kid. We also want to see him figure it out and flourish. We’ve referenced in every story just how well-mannered and likable he was¬†when we talked to him on Signing Day.¬†He just has a moment of spectacular stupidity. Trust me, if we were all done after our first dumb mistake, nobody would have ever been great at anything.

“I met Ashton after the spring football game at Syracuse and he seemed to be an alright kid. Ashton has to learn to control his emotions and temper if he is to succeed at the D1 level. If he does make it at Syracuse, I‚Äôm sure that Coach Marrone‚Äôs leadership will have a lot to do with his improvement.” – ron

It all depends on Ashton‚Äôs attitude. The Irondequoit player told me people who know Broyld at Rush-Henrietta say he’s a good teammate. If that‚Äôs the case, then Marrone can help him. Just as in any other facet of coaching, the player has to want to be coached. If AB comes in with a poor attitude, he won‚Äôt last long at SU. If he comes in ready to embrace the Marrone way, he has the potential to shine and grow into a solid young man.

Thanks again for reading and commenting! Remember to post your thoughts under all of our stories and chat with us via Twitter.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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