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FizzCast: The Week SU Football Kicked Off Cater and Collier

Listen to the Fresh FizzCast on the effect of Collier’s departure and Cater’s arrest:

Finals week on the SU campus means social life falls into a lull, the streets become barren on weekdays and the library sells a record amount of coffee to students who “forgot” to study this semester.

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While school is slowing down, both football and basketball keep moving at a torrid pace. Hoops is still undefeated and football continues to create storylines despite not playing until the end of the month. One of those was the departure of running back Averin Collier. I suggest on this week’s FizzCast was we should have seen this coming:

“Somehow not all that surprising. It really just seems like he was the type of guy who would fit in with those 25 or 26 players who left the program earlier. He and Marrone probably just didn’t get along philosophically. It leaves you a little bit scared or worried at that position next year.”

The only two running backs with experience on the roster are Antwon Bailey and Prince Tyson Gulley. Bailey was merely used as a change of pace back for Delone Carter this year and Tyson Gulley was third on the depth chart.

But there is a big-time running back recruit on SU’s radar from Colorado named Adonis-Ameen Moore. Ted Conroy asked him whether Collier’s departure makes Syracuse more attractive:

‚ÄúYes, of course, it‚Äôs gonna draw me to it,‚Äù Ameen-Moore said of the carries vacated by Collier‚Äôs absence. ‚Äú[I’m] sad to see him go, but happy he did leave.‚Äù

Every team still has an equal chance right now, he says. Ameen-Moore tells The Fizz he will be making a visit to Utah this week.

The team also lost Malcolm Cater this past week after he was arrested on a litany of charges related to burglaries on South Campus. Doug Marrone released a statement saying, “I am aware of the criminal charges filed today against Malcolm Cater by the Syracuse Police Department. Cater is no longer a part of the Syracuse University football program.”

It brings to mind the case of Delone Carter who pled guilty to punching another student in the face, yet remained on the team. Cater has only been arrested, but is off the squad. It also leaves a void at linebacker for next season. Is there a double-standard by Marrone?

While Syracuse subtracts talent from the program, we add to ours. An introduction to newest member of Team Fizz in this FizzCast.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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