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One Day We May Compare Others to Kyle Filipowski: Head Coach

How good, how special, how talented is Syracuse super recruit Kyle Filipowski? It may be unfair to compare him to a player in college or the pros, because it might be limiting his overall game. The 6’10” forward is a do-everything talent. He’s a big man that runs the floor, has great handle like, a deft passing touch and an outside shot. The Fizz’s Jaron May sat down with Filipowski’s high school coach Mike Mannix for an exclusive interview. Who would the Wilbraham and Monson Academy coach compare Filipowski to?

“He’s a lot of very good player all kinda rolled into one. I don’t have a great comparison. I’ll just say it won’t matter pretty soon. There’s a good chance one day we’re sitting here and we’re talking about somebody else that we compare to a Kyle Filipowski. He just does too many things, I really haven’t seen it as a coach.” – Mike Mannix to the Fizz

There is one player from many years ago who Mannix was willing to say by name when it came to part of the skillset that makes Filipowski so amazing. That player was first team All-Big Ten, has his number retired by the Golden Gophers and Boston Celtics, was the third pick in the NBA Draft and is a basketball Hall of Famer.

“He is also willing to work for a bucket in the post. He’s got some footwork and some head fakes and some things that he does, that for me as a Massachussets guy are a little Kevin McHale-esque. So that’s pretty special in its own right.” – Mike Mannix to the Fizz

The NCAA cracked down and banned official visits during Covid over the last year, so players like Filipowski have gone from 0-to-60 quickly. He’s in high demand, and this summer is filled with tours of multiple high-major facilities. How about his visit to Syracuse which kicked off his summer tour?

“He had a good time at Syracuse. Enjoyed his visit. This is a different world. Kids who were offered by D1 schools in the past, you kinda slowly waded into the worlds of recruiting… with Kyle, it’s going from almost no visits to now you’re on an official visit to Syracuse. It’s like getting your license, and someone hands you the keys to a Cadillac or Mercedes or something.” – Mike Mannix to the Fizz

The good news is SU was the first to be able to make its pitch. Now we wait to see how the rest of the summer unfolds. One thing is certain, the people that know him best believe he’s so special it’s impossible to put labels on him.


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