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Stock Up, Stock Down: Florida State

We have reached a point where it’s extremely difficult to say anything positive about this football team. Last night was the season’s low point. Getting dominated in every facet by a more athletic, more physical more prepared team sometimes happens in the game of football. It shouldn’t happen three weeks in a row. Somehow, we’re pulling positives and negatives out of this game. Here we go.

Stock Up

Dino Babers’ Self Awareness

Everyone wants to blame the coach. Sometimes, especially after a game like this, the buck has to stop with Dino Babers. But it takes a lot for a coach to climb up in front of the media and take the blame for everything. That’s what Dino did. There was no inclination for Babers to blame the play-calling, call out any assistants or get agitated with any questions. He sucked it up and took the blame. Sometimes, that’s all you can do.

Stock Down

Where do we start?

Offensive Line Play

For the fourth straight week, the Orange have run into a D-Line which is bigger, more physical and more aggressive then the SU o-line. The Noles had seven tackles for loss and two sacks. Garrett Shrader had no time to pass, and Sean Tucker had no room to run.

Backfield Health

All respect to Shrader and Sean Tucker, but there’s clearly something up with both of them. Shrader couldn’t scramble, which was the driving force behind the SU success in the early season. Tucker is trying to bounce every run outside instead of looking for holes in the middle. The third-year sophomore hasn’t hit the 100-yard mark since the Wagner game, which is the equivalent of any of our Fizz staffers scoring 20 points in a middle school basketball league. There’s real reason to worry about Tucker’s end to the season, and one might wonder…If Tucker doesn’t go to the NFL, is he a transfer risk?

Strength and Conditioning/Nutrition Staff

The Fizz’s John Eads did some top tier investigative journalism over the summer, exposing the lacking support SU provides its players in the world of nutrition. It’s shown this season, with seven season-ending injuries and plenty of nicks and bruises along the way. Ja’Had Carter was the latest ‘Cuse defender to go down, leaving Saturday’s contest on crutches. At this point, we’re past the point of bad luck and circumstance. Something is wrong.

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