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What’s Syracuse Getting in Jamie Tremble?

If you like new offensive players, the past few days have been kind to you if you’re a Syracuse Football fan. You heard about how the Orange picked up QB Brandon Zurbrugg. Well, he’s going to have a friend to throw to.

The tight end position has become very underrated in college football- partly because receivers keep getting more athletic- but Oronde Gadsden showed us what a good tight end could do last season. It’s not realistic to expect Tremble to live up to that right out of the chute, but he will have an opportunity to continue an awesome trend in the 315.

Jason Beck cannot rely on having Gadsden on the roster a year from now when preparations for 2024 are underway. Barring a decision to de-commit, Tremble will be ready to go. It’s no secret that the receiver position has been one that hasn’t exactly produced a multitude of studs over the last few years- it’s been Taj Harris and who else? That creates an opportunity for tight ends on the roster, Tremble included, to make an immediate impact in the pass-catching game, and a big one too.

Thanks to the ACC’s decision to shake up its schedule alignment, how you stack up with the rest of the conference matters more than ever today. SU will see every team in its conference every other year at minimum. So, chances are you feel even better about securing Tremble’s services when you assess some of the schools Syracuse beat out. Four other ACC schools were in the mix for Tremble, those being Duke, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, and one of the Orange’s new annual rivals in Boston College. The SEC and Big Ten are establishing themselves as the two alphas among Power conferences, the best SU can do to stay afloat is crawl toward the top of the ACC. This is a step in the right direction.

The clips in the above tweet offer a glimpse of what Tremble will bring when he puts on an Orange uniform. Ankle-breaking elusiveness. Very good speed to create plenty of separation. Very good rout-running that confuses the defense. And making a nice catch with a defender in his vicinity. There’s a little bit of everything in these clips. Sound familiar? It’s what Gadsden brought to the offense last year.

“They said once he (Gadsden) leaves, they’re probably going to mold me into someone like him,” Tremble remarked. It’s difficult to not be giddy about this recruit at the sound of that. There will undoubtedly be work involved like there was with Gadsden, but projects like these are very exciting ones.

Tremble is the latest in a series of solid recruiting wins for Syracuse after a miserable performance with the Class of ’23. As of right now, he is the best of the bunch according to 247 Sports. As more and more rising high school seniors commit to play in Central New York, we can only hope it continues to regenerate recruiting momentum.

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