Is Prince Tyson Gulley Done For The Season, Or Did SU Make a Mistake?

A set of game notes listed PTG out with a broken collarbone, but was then retracted.

Should Orange Nation be worried Prince Tyson Gulley is done for the season, or is this just a ruse by Doug Marrone? A bizarre situation unfolded yesterday when SU retracted its media packet. The original game notes distributed at The Dougie’s weekly presser had Gulley listed under the injured list and out for the season with a broken collarbone. That packet was then taken back by the athletic department and replaced with a new one that listed Gulley in his usual position, number two tailback. The first packet was deemed a “mistake” by the athletic department. The story of the mistaken game packets began circulating over the internet and reported by media outlets yesterday.

This is unfortunately part of a trying season already for Gulley, who returned from the off-campus stabbing. But if Marrone made anything clear, it’s that we shouldn’t expect clarification on the subject any time soon and asked for patience from the media for the lack of information.

“In going forward now, this week I’m asking for everyone’s help. We have a lot of things going on with this program. We have a lot of injuries. I’m not going to lie to you. We have guys who are banged up, we have to make a decision on players. Some players will be in casts, some players will be heavily wrapped up. Some people may practice, may not practice. We as coaches have to decide whether they will play or not. It’s going to be a very difficult week for us as coaches as far as decisions because it’s not a cut and dry thing. There’s safety involved with players, and that’s the number one goal – to make sure nobody is injured.”

In asking for the media’s understanding, Marrone apologized for being unable to discuss the situation further and for his decision to close practice this week and make players unavailable for comment.

“I know that everyone has a job to do. Truly, I understand that. I don’t think anyone understands that more than myself, especially coming from Syracuse and the Newhouse School. I understand exactly what’s going on. I don’t foresee myself ever really doing this again, hopefully it will never be in this situation. But I just need some help and understanding. I’m specifically asking for some help because, strategically, it can hurt us in this game.”

Marrone said he will be made available to the media Tuesday and Wednesday instead of the players. Marrone has said plenty of times he “wishes he could say more” about injuries, but why the extra interference this week?

One possible explanation is that he’s is engaging in a bit of psychological warfare with his old nemesis Greg Schiano. Rutgers and Crazy Eyes Schiano are notoriously tight-lipped on similar matters. That might explain why Marrone believes this will only be a temporary situation for this week, and says that giving out any information could hurt them in this game.

Whether Marrone wins his mind games with Schiano or not, however, will not have nearly the impact on the Orange’s season as whether his tailback gets back on the field. It seems odd that Gulley could be listed as having a severe injury if he were healthy. SU may have jumped the gun on the diagnosis. The “mistake” may have simply been printing that information. Either way, SU will obviously take great precaution with a player who has any type of injury, especially something as serious as a broken collarbone, and not play him unless he’s 100%.

Gulley had a breakout performance in Saturday’s 33-30 win over Toledo, carrying ten times for 70 yards. PTG played a key role by sharing the load with Bailey in SU’s most successful rushing game of the season. With the Orange already dealing with some key injuries on the defensive side, losing Gulley would deliver a big blow to the offense. Behind Gulley on the depth chart are Jerome Smith and Adonis Ameen-Moore, who have a combined one carry on the season.

We’ll obviously know Saturday if Gulley is in fact injured. The Orange will either have to rely on other inexperienced backs or give Bailey a bigger workload than it would like. We may have to wait until gametime to find out anything official, but hey, at least Schiano will too.

Posted: Steve Niekam

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  1. Again you media types need to look at why HCDM is not manning up on this matter. Its all about depth. HCDM chased and pushed away talent when he first got here. Yes that would only mean a few left from that 1st year of HCDM. But bodies are bodies. Heck we had a walk-on win a game for us. Media has or will always make comments good or bad about HCDM while he’s not in the room. You need to hit him up while he’s in front of you. Granted he wouldn’t answer you but at least the trolls out there would see the real god like guy they think he is!!!

  2. Terry,
    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. HCDM did not push away talent when he came…the people who left, I would not use the adjective TALENT to describe them…they should never have been here in the first place…..And he explained why he did not want to disclose injuries if he did not have to….What don’t you understand about the words:Strategic Advantage?

  3. Terry, name one player who has left the program under Marrone who has made it somewhere else………..still waiting………Ok so we are clear on that. I wish a reader who had classes with PTG could possibly get us some info, i.e., is he in a sling etc….

  4. he didn’t push away talent when he came in

    he dropped dead weight.

  5. Jesse, David Legree left during DM’s first spring practice. He now plays for Hampton University. He is recieving interest from NFL scouts. Just sayin..

  6. First talent is not always what the eye sees. We didn’t know what happens to these kids because your god HCDM wouldn’t tell anyone why they left. And our media sat on their hands and would check on these kids about leaving. Either one of these issues would clear up this issue. Also after yesterdays presser by HCDM which he showed his true colors. Be embarrassed Dave R. and Dave took it. He’s a control freak and gets he gets away with it so far. Watch the presser is amazing. I bet you other programs will use this presser and HCDM attitude before and during this presser against him. They’ll say to a recruit “do you really want to play for a junk yard dog like this”. Imagine what he is like in practice or game day situations!!! Maybe HCDM needs to mellow out a little or burn up.

  7. Terry…Again…you don’t get it…Who cares why the kids left? ..Really who cares except to say ..”HCDM is driving kids away….yadi yadi…You are beating a dead horse man…Kids come…kids go..I’m with Marrone…if they want to leave…let em go…if I kick you out the door…it is for a reason….”I’d rather we play with players who want to be here and players the coaches want here….Go Cuse

  8. Terry, I am a fan of Marrone and his no nonsense approach. I wouldn’t characterize his demeanor as say a Woody Hayes or even a Greg Schiano but perhaps more Bill Belichick in his secretiveness and blatant lack of insight into HIS team. If you look at games throughout Doug’s tenure it’s pretty clear that he is an even keeled guy. Aside from David Legree (and I think I would even debate his talent level)the other ex-players haven’t done anything but make negative headlines via their deplorable Twitter offerings or better yet negative headlines in the police blotter lines (see, Malcolm Cater).

    Terry, I am not a Marrone apologist as much as you are cynic of Coach. I personally have been a fan of discipline and responsibility throughout high school and college athletics and even now as I transition into the career world. I personally know that those players were given the opportunity to either buy into a program rife with structure and unselfishness or go on their merry way. These players all come from different backgrounds so the idea of structure is a good one especially as the end goal is to be one cohesive unit. In Marrone I do not blindly follow but I sure as hell trust. Go Orange!!!

  9. Steve Neikam

    Guys, loving the passion here. MIke Williams would be the best example of someone “run out” by Marrone who’s made it elsewhere (Tampa Bay Bucs), but it’s hard to argue with the success Marrone has had with his approach. One of the biggest problems with the program Marrone inherited was the lack of discipline under the GRob regime–sometimes radical actions are needed to make that attitude adjustment for the program, and it’s nearly impossible to argue that Marrone hasn’t been successful at that.

    As for the media not pressing him on the issue, he was asked about the Gulley situation and his response was that he “can’t comment on any injuries.” He has every right to do that as the head coach.

    The idea that other programs will use this press conference against Marrone to me is a ridiculous one. That same argument could be used for any disciplinarian coach, and recruits that are turned off by the amount of discipline in the program are probably the same type of players that have been run out in the past, and wouldn’t fit into Marrone’s plan anyway.

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