Crunch Time Scoreboard: Syracuse’s Top 5 Battles Left Before Signing Day

California’s Marcus Pierce-Brewster is one of the final potential pieces for Marrone.

With less than two days until Syracuse has pen hit paper on its recruiting class, there’s a few late races fans need to keep their eyes on. The Orange had another recruit slip through its finger when the “Hershey Hulk” Harold Brantley announced Sunday he will commit to Missouri. It’s a big loss for SU, since Brantley would have added power, speed and athleticism to the defensive line. Doug Marrone has been the D-Line a focal point in this years classThe Fizz thinks Harold was one of the best, if not the best, DE/DT SU had coming in. He has speed and size, and at 280 pounds he’s a load in the middle and will only get bigger.

Florida LB Leroy Owens flipped on SU as well, and chose FIU to play closer to home. Tashon Whitehurst is also on the fence tinkering with the idea of committing to South Florida. SU has its work cut out for it over the next 36 hours. Here’s The Fizz latest list of the top 5 prospects most likely to end up in the Salt City.

Wayne Morgan – DB (Erasmus Hall, NY)

Morgan has been atop priority for The Dougie since the summer and SU needs him to cap off this recruiting class. SU fans can exhale a sigh of relief and put the Penn State rumors to rest. This is now a Big East showdown between UConn and Syracuse to land “Light’s Out.” This Fizz gives the edge to SU as Morgan said he is comfortable on the Syracuse campus and loves the idea of playing with childhood friend Brandon Reddish

“We’ve been wanting to play together since high school because we went to different schools. So we just want to go to the same school. We played Pop Warner together, and it’ll be great to play with him in college again. Brandon is one of the main reasons [I’m looking forward to coming to Syracuse].”

 Odds of committing to SU: 70%

Josh Glanton – LB (Haines City HS, FL)

The Orange is in a linebacker tug-o-war with FIU, but maybe Mario Cristobal’s potential departure for Rutgers could help swing Glanton up north. Josh visited the Hill last weekend and was impressed with campus and the academics Syracuse had to offer.

“I really like the communications department and school (Newhouse). I think I would try to study that, it is a real nice school.”

The Fizz thinks the Golden Panthers still hold a slight edge because of proximity, but head coaching uncertainty would definitely help SU.

Odds: 50%

Marcus Pierce-Brewster – DE (San Francisco City College)

Losing out on Brantley means another spot to fill on the defensive line. Syracuse has already lockedup two JUCO defensive linemen in Zian Jones and Mark Garrick, and sees MPB as another older player that could make an immediate impact.

Odds: 35%

Julian Pinnix-Odrick –DE (Montclair, NJ)

This is Syracuse’s chance to deliver a counter punch to Rutgers. Pinnix-Odrick is a soft verbal commit to RU, but his recruitment has opened up again. He visited SU this weekend and sources say he really enjoyed this visit. Right now The Fizz thinks JPO is still leaning Rutgers, but has SU near the top of his list.

Odds: 30%

Myles Hilliard– DE (Bedford, OH)

The Fizz spotlighted Hilliard in the summer when he committed to Pittsburgh. But now, according to, Myles is only a soft verbal there and considering the Orange. He is a freak athlete and would help heal the burns of losing Brantley and Owens. While The Fizz is intrigued by this last second push by SU, we think too little too late. But keep an eye out on Hilliard.

Odds: 20%

Posted: Dave Van Moffaert

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  1. Some rumors that Cristobal just rejected Rutgers offer, likely staying at FIU. Kyle Flood going to be interim coach

  2. KevMonstah

    I’m as annoyed as the next guy at the decommits, but losing a DT guy, when I thought the idea was the Eric Crume was going to lock it down for the next few years doesn’t really bother me. Likewise, I’m not too upset with Owens decommitting either, due to what is currently there at LB.

    What I am disappointed in is the lack of offensive firepower in this class. Alvin Cornelius, Ashton Broyld, Ben Lewis, Devante MacFarlane, George Morris, and the two TEs Parris and Thompson. 7 of 21(ish) guys are skill position guys, and I think SU was severely lacking in this area last year.

    I get loading up on D, and working with the lines, but you need to score some points to win.


  3. DVM you missed on Hilliard. He’s orange!

  4. Myles just verb’d. Now if we get J.P.O. we have nice bookends.

  5. @Josh- I totally missed on Hilliard. I just heard his name float around this weekend so I am shocked to be honest. Great pick up for SU though.It helps heal the blow of losing Brantley.

    @AJ- JPO would be a big addition as well.


  6. i’m really surprised with hilliard coming to syracuse, but he will have lots of opportunity here to excell and accomplish his goals.

  7. Hilliard is a huge gain! Way to go Doug! Now all we need is Wayne and Julian Pinnix-Odrick!

  8. Also Cristobal spurning Rutgers is huge, they’ll keep recruits but Flood ain’t their answer, hahahaha.

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Coach Flood from Staten Island originally is beloved by Jersey/SE Pennsy prep coaches expected to keep ALL commits… sorry ‘Dougie’maybe next time..btw Whiteurst was seen in Piscataway last night!I think Cristobal is waiting on the ‘Miami’fla. job to open up…too risky!

  10. OrangeCrush22

    Why wouldn’t a player like JPO not want to come to ‘Cuse? Just like why wouldnt Brantly not want to go to Mizz? ‘Cuse is going to be playing in the ACC in the coming years, why play in a sub-par conference such as the BE when you can play against better competition?

    According to Scouts, JPO is also visiting Mich. St. this weekend as well…

  11. Russell, nice chump.

  12. Manley is staying SU……Hilliard is SU…..two top50 juco DLs….Mlb Davis was top25 prep player ’11……Emerich OL had a monster senior season……….TE Thompson was a huge haul & replacement for Provo…….cant complain, “HCDM” & staff are doing a solid job & are staying beautifully busy@ the right time of year
    1 Morgan
    2 offensive playmaker

  13. RU just landed Darius Hamilton and JPO is leaning RUTGERS. Look Orange Nuts, u will never beat us in recruiting. Here i am watching the express and u guys were relevent in 1959…….really……really……..really. Look recruits know you guys will be the next Duke in the ACC, u cant even finish fourth in this lame conference.Rutgers is bigger than Schiano and recruiting proves it. If Rutgers wanted Wayne Morgan, we could have him. So go to the ACC and watch us win BE titles and compete in BCS games and National Games…….in the BIG suckers

  14. RU sucks dick. And how u know JPO is leaning

  15. Awfully cockily for a rutgers fan. You were able to keep most of your class together and that’s agood job. However in 11 years you haven’t won any big east championships so let’s be easy on all those championships you think you might win because you’ve had a couple of good recruiting classes.

    You might say cuse hasn’t been relevant since 1959( which is not exactly true) but the fact is rutgers was never relevant(and still really aren’t). If rutgers can go from being the worst team in division 1 history, a perennial doormat, cupcake, and whooping boy then imagine what cuse can do with the right coach and certain upgrades.

    Oh and by the way your savior and architect of 11 years is gone. Best of luck.

  16. Hey big mouth chris, JPO is ours and his LOI is in. Oh yeah past doesnt matter because im feeling good right now. It feels good to watch ESPN and see that BIG R block being covered. Damn they wont even show Cuse recruiting homie. Im not cocky, its facts. You guys havent gotten an All American player in years……..years. You will never be relevent again. Live off your basketball team and your coach who touches boys. Morgan choose you guys because nobody wanted him. He wasnt even considering you at all. Remember it was Alabama, Michigan and Rutgers boy. You lost Ishaq Williams, Dominique Easley, Jarron Jones, and Chad Kelly. We have landed Darius Hamilton, Savon Huggins, Miles Shuler, JPO, and much more……………RU Baby

  17. Also i invite everybody to come to the RAC for the Syracuse game. Rutgers is on the cusp of an NCAA T bid and beating you guys might put us on the map.

  18. hey mademan,

    I didnt catch the RU v. Providence game. Who won? hahahaha Your basketball team has no shot of being relevant. O yea the Big East down the road looks awesome have fun

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