Reaching for Defense: SU Nabs Florida LB Hodge & Spies Seattle CB Calloway

Marrone is going defense and The Fizz speaks to RB/CB Tere Calloway about his offer.

Doug Marrone is enjoying more Sunshine State talent and the ripe taste of to-be Florida Oranges. Syracuse notches its fifth verbal commitment for the Class of 2013, and its second recruit from the state of Florida, in linebacker Marqez Hodge. The Miami Central product had gotten offers from schools such as Marshall, Minnesota, and Western Kentucky.

The 6’1″, 210 lb. Hodge recorded 50 tackles overall, a sack, and a forced fumble in his junior season. While quarterbacks have received all the attention, he joins DT Wayne Williams on the defensive end and fellow Floridian TE Tyler Provo as part of the 2013 commitment class.

Hodge brings winning experience from high school. Miami Central had won 27 straight games until losing in the 6A State Championship to Armood last year. Current SU products from Miami Central include safety safety Durell Eskridge and linebacker Oliver Vigille.

Another defensive player Marrone is targeting is be Seattle Prep RB/CB Tere Calloway, who received an offer from SU on Wednesday. Calloway has gotten 13 total offers including Colorado, Memphis, Nevada, Purdue, San Diego State, SMU, Southern Miss, and Wyoming. He has gotten interest from big dogs such as Boise State and Texas Tech.

Tere shared his enthusiasm with The Fizz after hearing from the Orange:

“I’m pretty excited about the offer, and I’ve been talking to Coach Wheatley for a while about it.”           

The 5’11″ 185 lb. Calloway not only poses a threat to QBs by breaking up passes, but he can also run the ball effectively. Tyrone Wheatley is at it again recruiting high-end running talent. Wheat The Beast has been also going hard after Ohio WR Mykel Traylor-Bennett.

Calloway ran for 1179 yards and 20 TDs in his junior season, averaging slightly over an amazing 10 yards per carry. When playing RB, he plays fearlessly:

 “At running back, every time I get the ball, I am looking to score, but I also run between the tackles. I am not the biggest running back, but I’m the slashing-type running back.”

Rated 3 stars by both Scout and Rivals, Calloway displays great versatility. With a 4.45 in the 40 he will have no problem catching WRs in the secondary. As a running back, he likes to run between the tackles, but can be most effective with his legs on the outside. Marrone has continually looked to find speed down in Florida, and playmaking abilities.

At corner back he recorded 92 total tackles, 10 pass deflections, and 2 forced fumbles. Calloway says he has no preference in terms of what position he plays at the college level:

“I have different things that I like about positions. I like being an island and shutting down a wide receiver at corner back. Of course I want to score touchdowns, so there’s a lot of things that interest me at each position.”

Calloway provides some great options to the offensive and defensive playbooks. Despite being from Seattle, Calloway has plans to make a trip to the East Coast and has a positive attitude about SU:

“I’ve heard a lot about their program. I have a mentor who lives in Rochester and he’s told me a lot about Syracuse. I actually plan on unofficially visiting sometime this summer. It’s just a great school with rich history and it’s something I really like.”

With Hodge on board with a verbal commitment, and Calloway looking deeply into the program, Syracuse continues to make waves this summer.

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. Ok, guy’s I don’t want to look like I’m being critical of your reporting here but,in one paragraph you tell us that Syracus is after a cornerback from Seattle and that he will be making an unoffical visit to the university this summer.
    Then you say”Tere shared his enthusiasm with The Fizz after committing to the Orange”.
    Did we get him or not?


  2. Russell MacEachern

    Yea,I caught that too Ron…he look’s like a target but Calloway sure sounds promising!..He’d be a nice pickup!corners don’t grow on tree’s w/4.45 speed too!

  3. Russell, I’m sure that it was an honest mistake. To all of the people that follow the star rating system,if this kid is as good as they say he is,then how is it that the so called experts only give him a 3 star rating!!!! What’s up with that?

  4. Thanks for catching the error guys. My mistake. Wrong wording. Appreciate the read as always.

  5. i love the recruiting tidbits. cmon in syracuse is getting nice to look at from a players point of view. good coaching staff, new member of the acc conference, playing in a warm dome, talk of renovating football facilities.. where do i sign..

  6. leftytg

    Since when is Texas Tech a “big dog”?

  7. Russell MacEachern

    lefty..I agree…if they were’nt locked into the B12 on Texas hip their just another average team like the Indianas and Wash.Sts of the world!!

  8. @Ron – I wouldn’t read too much into the star-system, only because there is no telling how the talent converts at the college level. All of the the other 2013 commits also got 3 stars. You could argue Allen could be deserving of 4, so it’s sort of a blur in my opinion. And yeah I think Calloway can help the secondary, and since Wheatley is recruiting him hard, then SU probably wants him for his explosiveness on the ground.

    @Russell – With a 4.5 40yd, heck yeah it’s promising. How he is used for any team is interesting. It’s certainly a good problem to have. Use him at CB or at RB, still getting a solid player.

    @Bruce – Every one of those points will def. help guys want to come here. Solidified coaching staff of course is HUGE. ACC transition will be a great experience for current and new-coming players! It may come down to the little things, especially for Calloway being from Seattle. Hopefully these small, but big impact improvements the program continues to make (ex. renovating facilities)can sway players to sign here.

    @leftytg – The reference of “big dogs” was in comparison to the other schools Calloway is being offered. I would consider TT a big dog to Memphis or Nevada. I understand Russell’s reasoning. If not in BIG12 or hanging to Texas, then yeah, probably just another average team.

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