Augustus Edwards Says Ogundeko “Package Deal” to Syracuse Looks Good

With two of the most important decisions in this year’s recruiting class just weeks away, Syracuse may be getting its own personal fireworks display this July. Two of New York’s best, Tottenville RB Augustus Edwards and Thomas Jefferson OLB/DE Ebenezer Ogundeko, will announce their schools just ten days apart. Edwards will be deciding between SU, Maryland, N.C. State and Virginia, while Ogundeko’s final three still remains as SU, Notre Dame and Florida.

The Fizz caught up with Augustus before his decision date a week from today, and whether his package deal with Ebo would still be in effect. With SU as the only school the two have in common on their finalized lists, he admitted all signs might be pointing to the Orange.

“Yes, that’s what it’s looking like right now. I think we’re hopefully going to the same school.”

The possibility of snagging two of the top three prospects in the state of New York seven months before National Signing Day would just further solidify SU’s dominance of the NYC region. Both prospects loved their trips up to the Hill this past spring, especially with their good friend Wayne Morgan. Edwards was thoroughly excited about possibly extended that pipeline from NYC to CNY.

“I like that. It allows the New York City kids to be on a big stage. And it just seems like the school we can play for.”

The 6’1″ 220 lb. tailback rushed for over 1,400 yards this past fall at Tottenville, and racked up 11 TDs.

He is a downhill runner who can also slash through tackles. You wouldn’t expect the agility from someone with Edwards’ size, but he does a phenomenal job of breaking tackles and getting into open space. That’s where he shows off his blazing 40 yard dash speed.

“I’m an all around running back. I can run through people or I can run around guys. And I run a 4.5 [40 yard dash].”

The 3-star product had offers from 10 other universities before narrowing it down to the four ACC schools, and said he really looks forward to competing in that conference down the road.

One of the biggest factors that landed SU on that list was Coach Anselmo. “Gus” explained that Anselmo is someone he deeply trusts, and would like to play for. Anselmo has had an impact on the NYC recruiting trail and is one of the biggest reasons why Syracuse has such a huge footprint there. Syracuse would make an enormous splash if Ogundeko turned down BCS powerhouses ND and Florida. Luckily, these recruits want to play with their former teammates and close friends from the area who have all headed north to Syracuse.

It’s certainly the case for Edwards, who is looking forward to possibly playing with former Tottenville teammate and class of 2012 recruit, Alvin Cornelius. Not only that, but the RB is excited about coming back to the NYC to play games at Met Life Stadium (like USC this year) if he chose Syracuse.

“That’s a great opportunity for my family to come see me. It’s a great atmosphere, and I always wanted to play there.”

Edwards decided to make his decision in July so he cold have a focused senior year, and also for his mother, who wanted to see him decide early. It’s a good thing, because he certainly has big goals for this upcoming season.

“I want to play better than I did last year, and try to rush for over 1,500 yards. I want to get to the championship game and win it, and also I want to get faster and bigger.”

SU may be in for a big treat this month in their quest to reel in both Edwards and Ogundeko. Although bringing in the pair would be gigantic, even landing one of the two would boost this year’s class. There may be fireworks going off tomorrow, but Orange Nation could see more July 10th.

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  1. chris says:

    Your credibility is being questioned so make it right guys. What you need is an exclusive and accurate article that no one else has. The ZEdwards and OE thing has been old news and neither is on the list of verbals yet. Sure it May happen but so could a championship season for the football team this coming fall.

  2. tebow says:

    well you can’t ask for more then this

    a site with questionable credibility

    a site with poor reporting of the facts

    a site that is truly a gossip site at its heart

    comes out and makes a statement… we all get to wait and see.

    If they get it wrong this should be the end of the orange gossip site.

  3. OrangeCrush27 says:

    Disagree Chris, most recruits say they like a certain program over another, then flip flop back and forth in the days leading up to their decision. I think its a good article by the Fizz and hopefully both commit to Syracuse. It’s only going to help stabilize our recruiting grounds in NY if we reel in both. Having friends and teammates from NYC already at ‘Cuse is only going to help.

  4. 4orty4our says:

    @chris-what is wrong with posting this article? It was an interview. It is a Syracuse recruit. He is from NYC. Syracuse has made recruiting NYC it’s #1 priority. All the aforementioned points are exactly what this article touches upon. What do you mean by an exclusive and accurate article? What material in this article was inaccurate? How is an interview with the source itself not exclusive? I fail to draw logic from your lack of credibility claims. Could you elaborate?

    If we can land “Gus” and EO, it will be the defining moment of Marrone and staff’s hard work and tireless attempts to lock down NYC. Patience my friends, patience.

  5. bgogo says:

    Agree totally,4orty. This is great news. Everybody’s been wondering if the package deal had dissolved, and DA breaks a story over every other site. Great job DA! Now, just try to edit all the typos.

  6. Russell MacEachern says:

    I don’t understand how someone (Tebow) who considers the sight “gossip” continue’s to keep coming back?..but we all have a right to our opinion but sometimes its better to keep it to yourself for the “team” guess is Edwards already made up his mind!!SU…!!

  7. Russell MacEachern says:

    Hey bgogo…it seems we think and post at the sametime everytime!!we must be psychically drawn to the same so-called “gossip” frequently Haha..I wonder how that prankster was able to use your handle?

  8. Cuse Don't Luse says:

    Sounds like good news just questionable the way their dates are set. I feel like its more of a choice for Edwards and if he picks SU then Ogundeko will as well but if he doesn’t then Ogundeko can fall back on a powerhouse

  9. bgogo says:

    @Russell. I think you’re right about Edwards. I get the idea he’s already ours, which is great, great news. I’m not so sure that EO follows suit, but we’ll find out. Those two would be a great boost to this class, and put momentum behind others who are considering SU.

  10. Derek says:

    Can’t wait. This next recruiting class has the potential to completely transform this program, especially with a great leader coming in at quarterback.

    This incoming class of freshmen should be fun to watch too.

    If we get Ogundeko and Edwards, I’ll be very happy.

  11. bigdip says:

    LOFL…..@chris- hahaha good one! Hey its the ‘net
    @bgo & Rus – u guys are the entertainment on the
    @CDL – yea if Edwards comes wat stops EO from darting?

    * I wouldnt say that the Fizz lack credibility(lol)..but diehard SU fans want more…thats not bad, but it does put an EXPECTATION on sites that get support from the Orange community. That said..having quotes from Edwards is exclusive…(Remember: EXPECTATIONS)…it would be to every fans liking if…Edwards was choosing 2nd & u had a “quote” from the 4 star? But the Universe isnt perfect…

    *after learning ’12 RB George Morris didnt make the grade yet…im liking Edwards more than ever…..TIMELY ARTICLE Fizz! U beat the haters today…..

  12. Norma Stitz says:

    Morris is on campus as per Morgan and Jerome Smith BigDip.

  13. ron says:

    @chris writes-Your credibility is being questioned. After writing a response like your’s chris, I’m wondering if it isn’t just the opposite. Maybe it’s your credibility that is being questioned.

    @tebow follows by writing,questionable credibility,poor reporting of the facts,truly a gossip site at its heart.
    I need to ask have you gone and changed your name from Terry to tebow? You both must have had a lousy childhood. Your writing leaves a lot to be desired.

    If both of these recruits choose Syracuse to play football next week, it will be the biggest day of recruiting since Coach MacPhearson signed Tim Green out of Liverpool and solidify Coach Marrone as the head coach for years to come.

    The stars are starting to align for Syracuse. Bringing Augustus Edwards and Ebenezer Ogundeko in will put the university behind the steering wheel of the vehicle going down the road to becoming a national power again.

    The 2013 class that the staff is putting together looks like it’s going to be the best that we’ve seen in a long,long time here.

    Let’s give Coach Marrone some time and all of us be patient. Good things are happening.

    Hey tebow,if you used to be Terry,then please do us all a favor by GOING AWAY.


  14. Russell MacEachern says:

    @BigDipper,if bgogo and I are the comedy entertainment your the sight “Rapper” Haha..I’m glad we could have a little fun…have a safe 4th fella’s!!

  15. bruce says:

    i would love for these two guys commit to syracuse. were going to the acc, they will be close to their family to see the games.i personnally beleive we have a great coaching staff and also beleive there are going to upgrade facilities .. also playing in the meadowlands in future years. i’m starting to see the fruits of the efforts of doug marrone and company. go orange..

  16. Russell MacEachern says:

    Hey Ron..agreed!!BTW I notice we passed 40 comment’s today on the recent story but u still haven’t found the “summer school-rateing the classes of 13″ story yet! u’d enjoy it and the lively 38 comments..

  17. ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern,i really enjoyed all of the responses on the Zach Allen article.

    Then I get on and read the first to responses today and for me they both were disappointing.

    I am going back and finish reading the Allen post and will try to find the one your talking about. Thanks for the information.

  18. Russell MacEachern says:

    OK Thanx Ron…Its listed in “most read Fizz” summer school;rateing the recruiting classes…38 interesting comments..I just noticed Nick Intercola 3* LBer committed to RU over BC/WVU and us but i think were good on Ogundeko and Edwards…esp Edwards..i think its a lock..

  19. D.A. says:

    As always, thanks for dropping by the site and thanks for all the comments. Always both good and bad, we appreciate them all. I would debate whether this is gossip. There’s direct quotes from one of the two players involved.

    Augustus told our writer Kevin Fitzgerald in response to if they’re still a package deal: “Yes, that’s what it’s looking like right now. I think we’re hopefully going to the same school.”

    In my years in media, the one thing that is not considered gossip or speculation is direct quotes from a primary source. I understand that there might be questions about the validity of it actually happening. Maybe “Gus” is just trying to keep the suspense/drama up. Maybe he’s just wishful thinking.

    But that’s his direct quote, and we have a responsibility to bring that to you.

    Tebow has been trolling for months now, so it’s all good. He just likes being the villain. Hey, everyone needs a hobby. I appreciate him keeping it lively around here!

    Happy 4th to the Fizz Family!

  20. ron says:

    DA;Do you have information on the Iowa transfer John Raymon who is enrolled at and is currently taking classes at Syracuse University?

    Any ingformation on him would be greatly appreciated,thank you.


  21. Norma Stitz says:

    What kinda info are you lookin for Ron? Happy 4th by the way guys, be safe and have fun!

  22. Fitz says:

    Thanks for the help. I certainly agree. If I had to gage it, would say Edwards is more likely to commit to Cuse than Ebo. His other 3 schools aren’t powerhouse ACC squads. Neither is SU, but he has a deeper connection to Syracuse thanks to the NYC pipeline.

    Edwards is deciding July 10th for his mother. She will be away soon after, and he wants to make the decision with her and rest of his family. Great gesture.

    Yes they’re all getting a head start, taking some summer courses.

    Gets the zing of the day w the Terry-Tebow liner. Very funny.
    And we’ll also get a post up on Raymon ASAP

    It’s one of the most underrated aspects are those games being taken out of Dome and placed in Meadowlands. Fans may not like it close to home, but it’s a recruiting bombshell for the NYC area. All of these guys are stoked to be coming back to there familiar parts and have friends/families/neighbors etc come watch them.

  23. Ron says:

    @ Fitz; The last thing that I want to be is disrespectful to anyone. It seems to me that no matter how good your articles are people just write to complain about things they know nothing about.

    I’m waiting for the article on Raymon.

    Thanks for letting us know.


  24. bgogo says:

    I just have to say, this site is so much more positive than any other. The haters seem to quiver when treading here, then run off. Great to see the good guys winning one.

  25. The real eo says:

    Last year an article of equal caliber would have received 3-5 comments now we are 20+ glad to see the growth of the website I truly enjoy reading these articles thank u fizz

  26. bgogo says:

    Fizz has picked it up big-time. It used to be rare to see any new articles; now, they’re getting one up every day. And they’re scooping from time to time on top of it. Speaking for myself, I like anything about anything regarding football. It’s a nice escape from the day.

  27. DA says:

    Guys, thank you for the kind words about the site and you’re right – the comments section has become amazing. It’s a little family that’s been created here and that’s all due to your passion and opinions about SU. Been great to see. Thanks so much for using this as a message board of sorts, It’s a terrific community that’s been built.

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  30. There is definately a great deal to find out about this issue.
    I like all of the points you’ve made.

  31. breaking bad accessories…

    Augustus Edwards Says Ogundeko “Package Deal” to Syracuse Looks Good : Orange Fizz…

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