FizzCast: JuCo Offensive Lineman John Miller Says Dinosaur, ACC Sold Him

The Orange continues to pluck JuCo talent to fill out the ’13 roster.

While Newhouse is one of the great broadcasting schools in the country, the newest name connected to Syracuse is John Miller, not longtime ESPN play-by-play announcer Jon Miller. SU continues to look for JuCo help on both sides of the ball, as Miller commits to play his final two years along the offensive line.

The 6’3” 317 lb. lineman out of LA Harbor Community College made his official visit to the Hill earlier this month. This has added to an already big month for Doug Marrone.

Brett Peabody, head coach at LA Harbor, talked with The Fizz last week and told us Miller’s stock would be rising in the coming weeks. Syracuse found a way to nab the all-conference stud. Peabody tells The Fizz about SU’s interest in Miller:

“Syracuse is really excited about him. Coach Adkins really likes his versatility, the fact he can play both center and guard. John’s also one of the biggest centers out there and one of the most physical ones.”

Miller tells The Fizz it all started with a familiar name:

“It was Greg Adkins. The first time I spoke with him on the phone he actually offered me and it was kind of a shock. Sort of a ‘Get to know you, but I am going to make you an offer.’ So it was it was a pretty open experience.”

During his visit on the first weekend of December Miller already was envisioning himself in an Orange uniform. Plus, we’ve found out what restaurant SU is using as the closer.

“It was nice. It wasn’t too cold. It wasn’t snowing or anything. They took us on a tour of the business school. We got to tour through all the football facilities, to see the practice field and the Carrier Dome. They took us out to a nice restaurant, Dinosaur BBQ. It was top-notch and there were no complaints.”

Miller, my man, give a shout over to Malik Brown, who was tweeting about wanting a Dinosaur closer to his home. The Big Ass Pork Plate may become SU’s best recruiting weapon.

Miller was also in town when Syracuse got the news of heading to the Pinstripe Bowl. That moment was his cherry on top:

“It was kind of exciting. The week I was out there they had just found they were co-Big East champs. The intensity was a little bit higher than you would expect and finding out where they were playing at. Just that experience alone was an added bonus. It can’t get any better.”

Whether Miller plays center or guard has not been set in stone. But the coaching staff wants to see Miller play everywhere with his versatility.

“I think I am athletic enough to pull outside. Get out on screens and get to the second level, and they don’t expect that with my size. I pride myself for this off-season on working hard and making sure I am in great shape to do those types of things. I had an exceptional season because linebackers weren’t expecting me to be able to get them because they thought I was too big. Syracuse and Coach Adkins told me they’d like me to play guard. But they said it doesn’t matter to them wherever I play they just want me to compete for a starting spot, whatever guard spot or center spot in the next year or two.”

Another compelling component to Miller’s decision is the move to the ACC next season. Miller says he can’t wait to flash his talent on the national stage:

“Just the fact that they are moving to the ACC, that’s an automatic qualifier conference. That is automatic to try and go to a BCS game. It definelty weighted my decision. They are up and coming and the coach [Marrone] has only been there a few years. They are already starting to go to bowl games, something that appealed to me the most. The ACC conference is something that was added on, a chance to compete, get some better competition, and get some more TV time.”

What’s he looking forward to most? Believe it or not, Miller is anxious to experience some Syracuse winters, and getting started on the field.

“Probably spring ball and getting that experience in the snow a little bit. It’s probably going to be cool. Hopefully it doesn’t snow too badly. Definitely get that experience and see what it’s like. Playing D1 football would probably be the best thing about it.”

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. @Brendan Glasheen;

    I think about all of the information on these players and who coach Marrone has recruiting,and I find it totally amazing.

    These players are hugh and I believe will help the team immediately.

    Brendan,how many of these recruits were part of those 11 that was on campus last weekend? Is there any left that we don’t know about?

  2. Brendan Glasheen

    Well I am pretty sure John Miller and his LA Harbor guys came up a week before EO/Laray Smith/Gus Edwards/Zach Allen guys. But I think a majority of these recent JUCO guys came up the weekend of the 7/8 of December (Trejo, Kelly, Kirkland, Arciniega)

  3. Miller is going to be the cherry on top of the O-line sundae next season. The hoile between him and the left tackle “Pugh”? is going to pen up some big yardage for our RBsChibane will not be missed much; if at all.

  4. welcome your not really going to have to worry to much about playing in snow cause you’ll be in a dome.

  5. OrangeCrush27

    Malik Brown committed today boys. another good recruit i feel

  6. It’s just amazing and unbelievable,the class that “Dougie” is putting together for 2013.

    Malik makes the 14th commitment,with 3 maybe 4 more to go.

    Go Cuse,Go Coach Marrone.

  7. So far rated #69 on Should be closer to the 40’s for improvement in program. Like 7/8 wins every year not every other year!! And no EO now too!!

  8. @Terrie;

    I haven’t seen anything on EO committing to anyone. Here is a list of the schools that are interested in and hope to get him.

    Arizona State, Clemson, Florida, Syracuse, Alabama, Boston College, Connecticut, Duke, Florida State, Maryland, Miami (Fl), Mississippi, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Rutgers, Stanford, Vanderbilt, West Virginia

    You need to get your story straight.

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,RU hasnt had interest since May when he decommited fron UConn and 4* Jamil Pollard DE/T 6’5″ 280 decommited from PSU and came to RU early in the process!I dont know why their listed?They redshirted 4/5 3* and 4* guys last season!ND and UFla pulled his offers too!

  10. Russell MacEachern

    I think EOs fickleness might work in our favor cause most schools didnt think he was serious enough or at least thats my take on him?Im not even sure I care if we get him anymore??Is he using us as a backup plan?Last week u said pull his offer….I agree!!No school should be kissing up to some of these primadonnas!

  11. Russell, I feel with playing time here being automatic and with his friends here that it would be a hugh mistake if he were to sign with another school.

    I also said if he did sign with another school that,he wouldn’t be missed here with all of the DE’s that we’re bringing in this year. “Let em go”,but Russell I believe that EO is coming to Syracuse and will announce his decision on national television Jan. 4th. I made the statement when I first learned of his interest in us,”that he’s coming to Syracuse”. I truly believe that Russell.

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