Will Ashton Broyld Ever Live Up To The Hype? New Staff Gives Him A Shot

An offense under George McDonald likely has more opportunity for the Syracuse Slash.

Will Ashton Broyld ever live up to the hype? The question lingers there for every Syracuse fan. We knew about his prodigious talents as he ripped through high school just an hour down the road at Rush-Henrietta. We watched him get publicly embarrassed for his “exposure” circus before he even stepped on the SU campus. We waited until his isolation at Milford Academy expired.

It’s been a long road, Orange Nation and Broyld. And last season we finally saw some of that lightening. Fans had just a bite of the appetizer. 36 rushes for 171 yards (4.8 average), seven receptions for 53 yards (7.6 average) and one kick return for 10 yards. It’s no surprise the mailbag question this week to Poloquin was about AB.

Fans want to know if we anticipated Broyld’s arrival in vain. Will he forever be just another athlete/quarterback washout, hyped but never delivered? Personally, I think there’s reason to be very optimistic about Broyld’s ’13 season: George McDonald.

Nate Hackett, who certainly had success running a humming offense at the end of the season, has a lot of Doug Marrone in him. Be accountable. Don’t make mistakes. Don’t turn the football over. Ryan Nassib could very well be a first-round draft pick, and he wasn’t allowed to really handle the offense until the final eight games of his senior season.

So Broyld’s inconsistency, the threat of making the wrong decision or turning the ball over, terrified Marrone and Hackett. But I don’t think McDonald is wired that way. Look at the talent be brought in on National Signing Day.

The Mailman went hard after wide receivers. He landed Corey Winfield, Corey Cooper, and an all-around big play threat on offense/defense/special teams in Brisly Estime. They had QB Austin Wilson in the bag, but got in on Mitch Kimble, a dual-threat signal caller. McDonald brought in playmakers.

That’s exactly what Broyld is. His 22-yard TD scamper through the middle of the Stony Brook defense put it on display. He can make things happen, and when you have horses you have to let them run. SU did not sign one running back. The backfield is well stocked, but it tells me this offense will spread the ball around through the air.

I could easily see Broyld turning into a hybrid Percy Harvin-type (not with the same talent or production, but in that mold). Get him the ball in space out of the slot, hand it to him on end-arounds, find him on bubble screens. McDonald’s not going to run the same old plodding SU offense, and my guess is they’ll take some chances. With an unproven quarterback taking over it makes too much sense to find high percentage ways to get athletes the football. I think that means a fun year for Broyld, and hopefully delivering on all that promise. We’re getting sick of waiting.

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  1. why are we afraid to give him time at QB. Seen him in state playoffs and seemed to throw the ball fairly well and is extremely fast for a guy of that size. If offense is to hard for him to understand shorten play call for him so its easier for him to understand. Could be a newton type of kid if brought along correctly. Good luck ashton, do whatever u have to and among all things bust ur a– and shafer will give u a chance.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing him moved to LB if they can’t find a long term use for him on offense. He could be the next Doug Hogue. If he wants to play in the NFL, LB is his best shot, not RB, WR or TE….

  3. DA good read!! But I think the staff must handle Ashton very carefully. Other NYS talent out there is watching how the staff will deal with Ashton!! SU has had a very bad record of signing NYS FB studs. dougie proved that!! An offense player he is, no doubt. McDonald has his work cut out for him know!!

  4. I was extremely impressed to see Ashton’s ability to cut and generally change direction a a player with his size. You don’t often see a player who is 6′ 4″ be able to make those kind of moves. I think that he didn’t play as much as he could have is an indictment of the prior coaches. Getting Broyld on the field and getting the ball to himis important to the offense. My preference would be as a receiver . It doesn’t matter if he is wide or tight.

  5. I agree that Marrone and staff didn’t use Ashton enough last season. It leaves us all asking the question as to why? Was it his attitude that kept him off the field/ i guess we’ll never know the answer to that question.

    The new staff has told us that they will keep the fast paced game by using the pistol along with the 4 & 5 receiver formations,which are used by just about all of the NFL teams today.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Syracuse were to return to the days of using a “full house backfield?” Can you see Jerome Smith,Prince Tyson Gulley and Ashton Broyld lined up in that formation? I kind of got use to the hurry-up pro style game Syracuse used last season. I know one thing,the 2013 season is going to be real interesting to watch. The current coaching staff has some pretty big decisions to make concerning the talent that’s on this team and the type of offense that should be used. IT’S GOING TO BE REAL INTERESTING.

  6. That a boy Ron!! Your making more sense lately. Maybe there’s hope for you after all!!

  7. Russell MacEachern

    Could it be were misusing AB?If he has problems picking up the O or holding on to the ball maybe we can get better use of him at OLB or a viscious hard hitting SS?Why let him waste away on the bench w/all that talent?Some guys arent cerebral enough for O but instinctive enough for D!!

  8. Russell MacEachern

    Hey Terry,it looks like the Fizz aint neglecting us FB nuts in offseason articles so far this year!

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I like the way ur thinking!!Here in the cold northeast its all about power running opening up the passing game!!A punishing running game puzzles and scares those southerern spread teams as we’ve proven!!(WVU,L’ville)

  10. Russell MacEachern

    (southern)sorry about spelling!

  11. Good god, you guys killed me 2 years ago for suggesting a move to lb for Broyld.The kicker is I was right, but, there is a much better place for him in the offense. There is the returning rb’s were good there. Then the wr’s, first off Estime is a much more favorable comparison to harvin than Broyld, any way we’re good there too.Three incoming freshman with promise, plus everyone is forgetting about Funderburk, the Arkansas stud transfer. Where Broyld could be used best to help the team and set him up best for the nfl is te. No proven playmakers on the roster playing te, I think Broyld is a much better comparison to an Antonio Gates type of athhelete.

  12. Ron I just saw your comment on “the full house backfield I think if they pulled that out of a hat during a game you would see the opposing team take an immediate time out. I want to see that as it increases the number of misdirection plays exponentially.The greatest of them all was the old scissors play.Crossingthe opposite halfbacks with the quarterback’s fake handoff and delivery to the other back went for quite a number of TDs and high yardage plays.

  13. “Fullhouse” isnt common these days-(GTech)- it could work! Isnt putting AB at Qb the same idea, except he would handle the ball every play? SPRING GAME is approaching, I would expect Loeb to Qb one team and Kinder/AB on the other. DA like so many articles, came up short by not giving AB a chance… mentioning Kimble/wilson even tho they WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE SPRING GAME.. is stupid! The team just got film on Kimble in January, you think he unseats the 4 guys ahead of him? Guys that HCSS has seen for years in practice, and weight room? AB gets a shot.. think: “best chance to win!”

    * @russ..i disagree with article choice(topic)! He takes stories from Syracuse.com, puts his title on the article, calls it new! Kinda sux…. DA u have 100% control..do better and think INDEPENDENTLY..entertain us greater!!!!! Demand not request———

  14. I can give you some $#@&!% article ideas DA!!!!!

    1. Wr starters?
    2. Juco kids? Interviews…how is campus life at SU?
    3. new offenses’ scheme
    4. SU has numerous offers out?
    5. New OL….
    6. Replacing NFL guys…new starters?
    7. Tranfers…Funderburke?

    * As far as originality goes……@fuzz blows! Dis sports crap is too easy for all fans of this site to endure this poopy reporting & opinion!

  15. Since ya staff shrunk and you got greedy DA, ya site has sucked butt! You can hire me but I wont work for FREE like ya past staff.. I actually care, not like ya old tacky intern staff, fresh outta class, acne up da wazoo! I REALLY AM THINKING OF MY OWN BLOG….ORANGEFUZZ!

  16. DA just be happy and give us SUFB info of any kind.

  17. Russell if we can only get 1/2 of the recruits that Coach Shafer and staff are going after for 2014,we’ll end up with a top 20 class. Got it Terry, a top 20 class.

    Here are the latest the received offers.

    6’1″ 190 lb CB Brandon Watson out of Tri-State Christian Academy, Maryland

    6’6′ 235 lb DE Noah Beh out of Scranton Prep School,Scranton Pa.

    6’4′ 270 lb OG out of Tottenville High School, Staten Island NY.

    I sure hope Coach McDonald is up for the task of persuading some of these players to come to Syracuse.


  18. Russell MacEachern

    @Bigdipper,I was’nt praising DAs choice of articles just thankful for getting ANY FB talk in the offseason “which it should never be in a FB school” as Terry and I notice hoops is never offseason in the Fuzz..lol..but sometimes FB is shortchanged for news!!But as long as your commenting along w/Ron and a few others Im happy!!Your not posting to much lately and ur personality is missed here!!Carlton seems pretty busy too and his viewpoints along with Malones are also enlightening!!

  19. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,who is 6’4″ 270 DT from Tottenville HS?Do u mean Holley whom RU just offered?or is he to remain anonymous?I can keep a secret.. do tell!!btw..coach Q gave CVS a lesson last night lol!!…I hear UVa is signed and sealed and paperwork in waiting for a partner??..any news thru the grapevine?any legs to the story?

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Have Gun…will travel.

  21. Russell MacEachern

    Paladin,Paladin were do you roam,Paliden,Palidin far,far from hooome.

  22. @Russell MacEachern;

    I apologize to everyone for leaving the OT’s name out of my last post. But at 1:00 am in the morning I get a little excited about the offers Syracuse has put out and sometimes I get ahead of myself when entering the information on my post.

    6’4″ 270 lb OG Ariel Amaya out of Tottenville High School Staten Island NY.

    Russell,Coach Shafer and staff is going after some big time recruits for the class of 2014.

  23. @Russell MacEachern;

    I hear UVa is signed and sealed and paperwork in waiting for a partner??..any news thru the grapevine?any legs to the story?

    Sometimes Russell,I’m a little slow(to figure out)as to what someone is asking. Please explain a little better so I understand your question. If I understand I will ask the questions and try getting an answer.

  24. Smitty Section 129

    Folks alot of people forget this kid was only a freshman and from what I saw of him I was impressed. This kid has the talent to really turn into something special. As someone noted earlier the best thing about freshman is they become sophmores. Broyld will have a very good year next year if he stays healthy. I think Marrones staff did a very good job of slowly getting him involved. From what I saw of him and Morgan last year I expect both to have a great year next year.

  25. @Russell MacEachern;

    I just finished reading the latest about the rumor of the Big raiding the ACC for North Carolina,Virginia or Georgia Tech. I now understand your question Russell and I have not heard anything about conference expansion. But it looks like to me that we’re about to enter the “twilight zone” again.

    At some point we are going to kick ourselves in the backside and wish for the good old days of the Big East and realize that leaving it was probably one of the dumbest moves ever made.

    The greed of these college presidents and athletic directors is going to destroy all that we enjoy today.

  26. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I’ve been shouted down after we took the ACC offer but I knew nothing good could come of breaking up the old BE…I figured next RU would leave for the B1G as Delany was talking w’Mulcahy/Pernetti since “09” or earlier and Im gonna miss all the great northeastern rivalries UConn,RU and Cuse were my favorites along w/WVU-Pitt!!!Who cares about Cuse/Clemson?Cuse/Wake?or all these long distance games?Closeness makes rivalrys what they are!RU/Minn?RU/Iowa?I could care less except for OOC pride!Money is killing the game…too much greed along with the economic downturn has everyone crazy!!

  27. Russell MacEachern

    Arent u gonna miss the chance to kick RUs butt next year?I am!!

  28. Russ,I’ve said it before people don’t know what they have until it’s gone. have you read the article on what the C7 is going to get paid per year by Fox. $30 Million per year and ESPN is going to pay the Big East $20/30 Million per year based on who’s in the league.

    That $1.6 Billion Dollar offer a year ago is looking real good right about now. Do you think the commissioner and president’s of the remaining schools are kicking themselves in the ass right now for not taking that deal?

    We all ought to send Notre Dame a hugh thank you for breaking up the Big East.

  29. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,my worry is NDs jinxing sffect is gonna harm us next in the ACC cause they bring bad JuJu wherever they go and lack loyalty to anything but the bottom line and Im pretty damn Irish myself!!I respect them but now wish (prefer) they stay Indy…I dont like to badmouth them cause a mutual friend in Tally really likes them so Ill leave it go at that!!I wonder if our friend is even Irish?

  30. Russell MacEachern

    “effect”..spelling again!

  31. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah Ron,what a joke the C7 getting a leg up on the BETTER SCHOOLS for leaveing them…thats the only reason they got that promise or ESPN or FOX? couldnt have gotten them to split up!!Talk about DEVIOUS..it makes me sick and I feel for Cinn,UConn,Temple and USF!!They should throw ESPin out of Storrs,Conn and take back their tax breaks!!

  32. I can’t believe that the C7 is getting a $30 million dollar contract for 7/10 years giving each school a bundle worth $4.285 million per year and the remaining Big East Schools getting a contract that is going to pay them between $2/3 million annually.

    They refused a contract that would have give the league $1.175 Billion over a 9 year period that equals a payment of $130,555,50.00 per year giving each school a sum of $8.7 million annually. After adjustments were made all of the non-football schools would have gotten a lot less with the rest of the monies to be split up between the football schools.

    Under the old contract that they so boldly threw out they would have received a hell of a lot more money.

    GO FIGURE!!!!!!!

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