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Fizz Radio: Wes Fits the Wolves

A few weeks ago, The Fizz broke news that an NBA insider¬†knew the Wolves would select Wes Johnson with the #4 pick of the draft. That insider texted us just after Wes had worked out with Minnesota. Wolves brass was so impressed by his visit, Minny decided if we was available (and many figured he would be), he’d be a Timberwolf. Turned out to be spot on.

Just days before the NBA Draft last week, I was invited to join Jonah Ballow of for a break down of Wes Johnson.

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“He was the biggest ingredient for Syracuse to be a number-one seed this year. We had thought this year was gonna be a down year for the Orange. Instead, they became a one-seed. What’s the biggest reason? It was clearly Wes Johnson. Jonny Flynn could probably tell you the chemistry on the Orange wasn’t all that good two years ago. But the good vibes, Wes brought it all back.”

The biggest question about Wes would be whether he can be a leader or go-to scorer at the next level.

“I couldn’t say that with any assurance right now. I will say this, before the season Jim Boeheim told us Wes Johnson will be the best player on this team. Is he a natural leader? I don’t know. But does he have a killer instinct or a leadership mentality right now? I don’t know.”

Does playing the zone mean he’ll struggle with man-to-man defense in the NBA?

“I think that’s a concern for every perimeter player that comes out of Jim Boeheim’s zone. It’s the perimeter guys who are out in no-man’s land. There are a million players in Syracuse’s history who have not made that transition easily. He was as important as anyone to the zone, but there’s gonna be a transition for him.”

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