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The Quarterback Battle Gets Toasty

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Way back in May, when Ryan Nassib secured the starting quarterback position over Charley Loeb, I was skeptical about its finality, especially after what had happened with Greg Paulus last year.

While I believed Nassib certainly was the guy to start, I was curious about how incoming recruits Jonny Miller and John Kinder would fair in a relatively young stable of QBs.

So to learn that John Kinder is neck-and-neck with Loeb for the two spot proves Doug Marrone is getting solid early returns from the recruiting world.

Couzens called this one on National Signing Day.

“Get ready Nassib and Loeb ‚Äì your feet are officially being held to the flames. Quarterback John Kinder is officially coming to Syracuse.”

And for the record, Kinder’s attitude from Day One¬†has been¬†amazing¬†to see shine through¬†in training camp.

“I’m definitely ready to get up there and get going. I’m a true competitor, I love to compete. I’m just gonna go up there and give it 100% and see what happens.”

It’s one thing for an inexperienced¬†kid to say that on February 2nd, the day he signs his letter, the day he can pander to all the media asking, “how excited are you to play for Syracuse?”

Kid¬†didn’t just say it. He did it. And you know he’s gonna be a stud down the line.

And don’t forget about Jonny Miller. The shoulder injury and subsequent “hitch” in his motion that people are describing doesn’t doom his career. Injuries happen. Just ask Shamarko Thomas and Kevyn Scott, who missed most of the preseason with aliments.

Things can go wrong or¬†right very quickly. At the end of the day, Miller is still a touted recruit who hasn’t gotten the chance to prove himself yet.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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