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Levees Break, Marshall Street Turns Into Syracuse Log Flume

The Marshall Street Creek overtook a levee (or water main) early this morning, emptying its contents on J Michael’s Shoes and the Student Storage Company.¬†The Fizz believes Corey Stokes caused a fluid imbalance, sending the SU business capital into complete dysfunction.

More pics of the Marshall Street Creek Madness:

The Orange plays Villanova tomorrow in a rematch of Syracuse’s most attended beat down ever. ¬†In a formidable display of taxpayer dollars, firefighters were on the scene, doing very little as National Grid tried to figure out how to look busy while standing still.

Team Fizz was on hand as well, and managed to acquire photos of the waterpocalypse from avid Fizz reader Pete Stamm.

The conspiracy gaining the most steam is Jay Wright’s attempt at watering down SU merchandise sales the day before a game. It may also be a sign that the end of days in 2012 is for real (guess we didn’t have to stress over Ishaq). Officials believe it’s merely an archaic city infrastructure showing its years on a cold winter day.

Fear not sorority girls and hipsters; Starbucks was still open for business.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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