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Orange Fizz Inbox: Syracuse Football Update, More Hoops Coverage

On the cusp of National Signing Day, The Fizz has been bombarded by feedback and questions from the readers, and we’ve been thrilled to see the¬†comment sections and our @replies on Twitter blowing up. Positive and negative, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Thus the roundtable from readers makes us happier then Scoop Jardine when he sees an open shot.

So with feedback pouring in, we‚Äôve tried to respond as best we can in the comments section and via Twitter. It‚Äôs time to take it to the next level. Starting this week, we’ll do a weekly mailbag, responding to comments, tweets, emails, and if sent, carrier pigeons. I don‚Äôt recommend the last one because of the weather in Syracuse, but once it (if ever) warms up, be my guest.

We also needed another reason to post a picture of a smokeshow on The Fizz. Introducing, the Mailbag Hottie. The rules are simple. If you’d like your comment addressed specifically in the mailbag, just say so. We will pick from those first, and then also add another few comments to address. Also, civility will be rewarded! We love that Orange Nation is a passionate fan base and The Fizz occasionally tap into the darker side of the emotion. Negative feedback is always welcomed, but if you’re asking about specific anatomical positions we may or may not be engaged in, you may not get your question addressed.

And with that, the Orange Fizz Inbox!

On the¬†article about the SU football roster breakdown for ’11:

What about Jarrod West at WR?” – Steve

“You‚Äôve forgotten all about their #1 recruit from last year ‚Äì Jonny Miller. He‚Äôs just getting started and was recruited because he was a legit NFL QB prospect. Also, Flemming at wide receiver – I‚Äôve heard he‚Äôs the best leaper on the team.” – upstatecuse

Who would’ve thought that going into next year, SU would have so many receivers it would be hard to keep track? Depending on how Spring practice goes, there’s no reason West can’t emerge as a starter next year. Despite being out, he’s been in a college weight program for a year, and thus the 6’2”, 175 lbs frame he carried to SU has no doubt added some bulk. Coming in he was known as a good route runner with soft hands. Sounds pretty good. We’ll keep an extra eye on him in spring practice and be sure to give a more in depth breakdown them. As for Flemming at the WR position, I wouldn’t necessarily count on seeing him. He’s a big target, which is unique for SU, but he was a 2-star recruit for a reason. See a 4.65 40. There are DE’s who will run that at the NFL combine.

As for Miller. He’s got an uphill battle of epic proportions. Shoulder injuries can be overcome (see Drew Brees) but it’s not easy. Also he’s likely #3 on the depth chart behind Nassib and Kinder. If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, Nassib is going to be the starter. Could he blow it or one of the backups have a great spring and take over? Always possible. But I think it’s going to take a bad spring, summer, and fall practice on top of a great spring, summer, and fall camp for one of the other two for a change to take place. Nassib has chemistry with the receivers, game experience, and he’s the leader of the offense. That’s a lot in his corner, even though his performance last year was anything but positive until the Pinstripe Bowl (sorry, Colgate doesn’t count).

Fizz readers have asked for more hoops coverage amidst all the football recruiting madness.

“Don‚Äôt stop with the recruiting information. I love it, and I‚Äôm absolutely addicted to this site because of it. This site absolutely kills the PS as far as insider recruiting info goes, I wish I had known about it earlier. Thanks!” – Mike

No worries on the recruiting info stopping. We’ll have recruiting articles every day until and through Signing Day, not to mention our acclaimed Signing Day coverage! Also remember any scoop we get will hit Twitter first, so make sure you follow us at

“Does anyone on this site realize that Syracuse has a top 5 basketball team? All I see is football talk. Maybe we‚Äôve grown complacent with the hoops team being ranked year after year but I think a little more stories on a national championship contender and less stories about a random football coach without a role will do this site some good.” – Jerome

As far as the hoops requests, I‚Äôm a hoops junkie at heart and to hear people pining for hoops speaks to me. Fear not, we will deliver. After Signing Day, we will be almost exclusively hoops. Until then, check out Sunday’s piece by D.A. on whether this squad was overrated and a¬†fresh FizzCast on the two-game losing skid.

Keep up the good work filling our comment sections and Twitter page Fizz Fans. Your voice is heard.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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