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Team Fizz and the Volvo s60 Syracuse Weekend in Pictures

When the Cake Group, via a partnership with Volvo asked if The Fizz would like to be the Syracuse representative in a season-long challenge to find the Biggest Fan of the Big East, we jumped at the opportunity.

Why not? A trip back to campus with some of my best friends to watch an SU game at the venerable Carrier Dome, driving a slick performance vehicle and eating and drinking with the rest of Team Fizz? Yeah, sign me up.

What I couldn’t have known was just how much fun we would actually have. Syracuse fans were terrific. The Orange thrashed DePaul by 50. The nights ended late. The days started early. The s60 was super impressive. Charlie Sheen would’ve been proud.

Here’s a photo log of my weekend back to Syracuse.

Flying out of Boston’s Logan Airport, you figure on seeing lots of Red Sox gear and travelers reading the Globe. I did not expect an opportunity to purchase live lobsters. Do those fly free on Southwest as well? And would my hotel room have a lobster pot and stove complimentary?

Land at Syracuse’s Hancock Airport and without hesitation zombie-walked into the gift store. Hell, it had 100 SU shot glasses. That’s more enticing than the smell of Annie’s Pretzels. I purchased.

Figured I’d take a picture with the driver of the car service Cake had set up for me to get to the Volvo dealership. More than likely, I will be the one holding the sign for someone else next time I’m in a limo at the airport.

Just grabbed the Volvo s60 from Jeff Barsom, the sales manager at Alan Beyer Volvo over on Genesee Street in Syracuse. Great guy. Showed me all the ropes. I was blown away by the amount of cool features. Lasers. Cameras. Wireless connectivity. We nicknamed it the spaceship.

Here’s the back of the s60. Figured CNY drivers would be seeing lots of this angle over the weekend. Despite Seton Hall’s win at the Dome earlier this season, the New Jersey plates were not covered up or ripped off.

The Varsity. Most famous pizza spot on the Hill. Here’s Fizz writer Hoffman crushes the “big fish sandwich.” Uh, yes. That’s a very apt description.

At the Varsity with my two road dogs who made the trip. Alex on the left, B.Z. in the middle, me on the right. Pizza, wings, beer. That’s the holy trinity at the V.

At the Score 1260 studios “On the Block” with the Axeman. My usual Thursday radio hit was moved to Friday so I could drop by and hang with the guys. Had a ton of fun for an hour, simulcast on Time Warner television across the state. Without the TV makeup, I distinctly hope no one stumbled across my mug in HD. Scare the women and children.

The inimitable Dinosaur BBQ. Ted took the keys since he was only hopped up on DayQuil, while the rest of us were enjoying some fine spirits. Wiz Khalifa must’ve rapped about the s60, “no keys. Push to start.”

Are we gorging ourselves on the best BBQ in the northeast? Yes.

Saturday morning, it’s time for breakfast. Thanks to Volvo for the coozies. Thanks to a nearby liquor store for the screwdrivers.

Gametime. First trip to the Dome for me since ’02 and the christening of Jim Boeheim Court. Adrenaline rush. Plus, DePaul never got off the bus, so that was fun.

B.Z. whooping it up as Syracuse goes through it’s layup line against the Blue Demons. It was a 30-point lead in the first half. With backups and walk-ons playing, it ballooned to a 50-point lead. Commissioner Tranghese quickly drafted a “DePaul’s Removal Plan” from the Big East.

The flags are out! You know what that means? Fab Melo just drew a blocking charge!

Late night celebration continued at the house of Fizzster Ted Conroy. A personalized Syracuse beirut table. Beer pong has gone through some evolution since my college days. One constant: win or lose you leave the table intoxicated.

Around 3:30a in the lobby of the hotel, B.Z. decides to bang on the ivory. Surprisingly, hotel security was not called during the singing of our alma mater.

For the complete driver’s guide to the Volvo s60, check out Conroy’s awesome breakdown. He’s a car enthusiast. He was properly enthused about the car. As for me, it’s time to get some sleep. The Cake Group delivered a challenge. I’m pretty sure The Fizz responded in victory.

Posted: D.A.

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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