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Fizz Feedback: Ongoing Ashton Broyld Drama, Dion’s Role, Fab’s Future

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While the major drama of Dion Waiters seems to have faded into the background, the ongoing Ashton Broyld story just won’t go away Orange Nation has plenty of opinions on the incoming SU football recruit.

Perhaps this is splitting hairs, but my best guess, without being present, is that Ashton was heckled and quite possibly vilified by the crowd from the other team. In response he probably showed them his backside, or in my day it was known as a ‘moon.’ Now, I‚Äôm not saying I condone such public behavior but it is markedly different than exposing full frontal nudity, which is what ‘exposing yourself’ means to me. I‚Äôm not a legal scholar but if I mooned someone I would not cop a plea that says I exposed myself if in fact I mooned someone. Think of it as a more revealing gesture of showing them the sole of your shoe and a learning experience on the road to maturity.” -ottodaorange
The Fizz is working on this story and hopes to bring you more details tomorrow. I agree with D.A., that the Dougie must have all the information he needs right now and has decided not to revoke the scholarship of Broyld. But as this story advances (maybe through the courts), there will be an account from someone who saw exactly what happened. The more concrete the details become, the closer we come to a resolution. The Fizz has confirmed, though, Broyld wasn’t being heckled. He is ultra-competitive. He was losing. He got pissed. He picked up four personals and a technical foul in a 20-minute stretch. Definitely a learning experience on the road to maturity.

Meantime, one Fizz reader took exception to my use of basketball lingo when discussing the SU guards in last week’s Fizz Feedback.

“If you are using the word ‘handle’ to signify the ability to dribble well qnd have good dribbling moves, the word is ‘handles.’ Scoop is the only player on the tam who has great handles, Dion has good handles and Triche has no handles..that‚Äôs why he cannot drive and dish without drawing a charge. We are about to get a guard who has great handles. If you saw the McD pre-game contest..Wow!” – Zeta

They are actually both correct. You can say a guy has a “sick handle” or a “player‚Äôs handle is good” or he has “nice handles.” All of them are fine. I‚Äôve played enough pickup basketball on the rough-and-tumble streets and have heard all being used. Don‚Äôt test my slang knowledge! (Note: Who am I kidding? No part of my upbringing was rough or tumble. I do however play a ton of pickup and that term is correct.)

Much more importantly, Triche’s charging problem has nothing to do with his lack of handles (which doesn’t exist – his handle is fine). He over-penetrates instead of pulling up for short jumpers. Someone from Drury Lane also took exception to my analysis.

“yo obviously dont know much about basketball defense or the fact that Dion is the most active player in the zone. Besides Triche, No one else puts a hand in the face of the shooter or closes out well. He can be out of position at sometimes,but who isnt. he had some growing pains. Overall he slides the bests and has active hands. I agree with DocAlKy, stop dogging on the kid.” -muffin
The Fizz would like to offer Exhibit A on whether we know anything about X’s & O’s -¬†the well-read dissection of the Princeton zone. Don‚Äôt confuse activity (which Dion occasionally had) and productivity. If you actually notice any one player in a zone it‚Äôs typically not a good thing. You remember Dion being out there so much because he was chasing and constantly having shots put up over him. That‚Äôs why he didn‚Äôt play for long stretches (on top of his attitude presumably).¬†I’m also not trying to dog Waiters. I’ve defended him many times. He‚Äôs got uber potential, and if Boeheim cuts him it‚Äôs complete bull***t.

Now that it looks like Dion is coming back (at least for now), we asked where does he get run next year?

“guard play will always be average at the cuse as long as scoops on the court. if dion does straighten up he should get scoops playing minutes” – Harm44

Weekly Scoop bashing complete! Scoop is a true point. Dion is a hybrid guard. You don‚Äôt want him running your offense for extended periods of time. In fact, there is no scenario where Dion gets his cousin‚Äôs minutes. Triche or Carter-Williams would both play the point if paired with Dion. Wait! There is one way Dion would be forced to play PG. If Mookie’s on the floor.

@OrangeFizz “do some of the guards blend into the frontcourt? I wonder if @cjfair doesn’t mind playing the 4 in some sets. #weightroom – GregorianRants

CJ did play some 4 last year, but to do it consistently he needs to put on some weight. But if Fair plays predominantly at power forward, who backs up Kris? The 2-3 cripples SU’s versatility in the backcourt. Triche and Dion are big and strong enough to guard 3’s, even in the Big East. However, they aren’t big enough for the back line of the zone. As long as they play the 2-3, the Orange can’t really play a three-guard lineup.
@OrangeFizz “Is it a certainty that Fab comes back? Not 4 the obvious reason of him not being NBA ready (LOLz) but… does he even like bball?” – GregorianRants
Kids Рif you take anything home from this edition of Fizz Feedback please let it be this: a grown man should never ever never ever ever ever never use the phrase “LOLz.”

As for your question, short of something catastrophic, Fab will be back. He loves the game of basketball and works ridiculously hard at it. That’s why his teammates and coaches never gave up on him. Yes, he missed practice. Yes, conditioning is an issue. But it wasn’t a matter of want. He didn’t understand what it took to play at this level. Orange fans can only hope he understands now.

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Posted: Craig Hoffman
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