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FizzCast: Inside SU’s Sunshine State Pipeline, Ritchy Desir Next Impact Player

Since we‚Äôre nearing the stretch run of the summer recruiting season, and pulling ever closer to opening night of the 2011 SU football season on September 1st, we evaluate the Orange‚Äôs ’11 and ’12 recruiting classes in the latest Fresh FizzCast.

While it’s easy to be skeptical that Doug Marrone hasn’t been landing the elite blue-chipper, Hoffman says there’s still a lot to be excited about with the way Marrone recruits.

“The more of these under-the-radar guys that come in that are big, strong, athletes. Guys that also have a lot of room to grow into their bodies as they get older, the more and more I like what Doug Marrone is doing.”

The Orange once again went into the Sunshine State and pulled out an athlete it hopes can be a difference-maker. The newest traveler on the Florida-Syracuse pipeline is Jacksonville linebacker Leroy Owens.

“He does his homework, and finds a kid who’s 6-foot-4, 200 pounds now, going into his senior year. So let’s say Owens works his tail off this year and clearly the kid’s got a pretty good work ethic, and he gets to be 6-4, 210. Now let’s say he gets to Syracuse early and gets in the off season weight program at SU, puts on another 10 pounds. Now by the time he starts his career at SU, he’s 6-foot-4, 220. Then, the next three years he has in the program, he’s working out everyday with elite athletes, he’s got better facilities, and he gets up to 6-foot-4, 235 pounds. Now you’re looking at a prototypical big NFL-sized linebacker.”

I believe players like Owens show why Scout and Rivals aren’t the be all and end all of recruiting.

“That’s not to trash guys like Ishaq Williams and David Perkins. But just because David Perkins has tons of potential, there’s no reason why other kids with lower ratings (from scouting services) don’t also have tons of potential, have good physical characteristics, and look good on tape. They’re just not as sought after by different schools because they’re more under the radar.”

The Fizz’s Recruiting Czar of Florida, the Miami Herald‚Äôs Recruiting Editor Larry Bluestein, drops by the FizzCast for his annual visit. He weighs in on Owens, and raves about his athleticism. But over the past couple years of Syracuse recruiting classes, the guy he’s¬†highest on is Miami prospect Ritchy Desir.

“Somewhere down the line in a Syracuse newspaper I could just see that preview of the Syracuse season with Ritchy Desir with a cape on with a big ‘S’ on his chest. Because this is Mr. Rescue. This is a guy who’s used to playing 70 snaps a game. This is a caged lion that’s athletic. He’s you’re worst enemy when he’s playing cornerback and your worst enemy when you’re playing safety.”

Tune into the FizzCast to hear much more more from Bluestein. The Fizz’s Dave Van Moffaert also discusses whether 4-star defensive standout Deaysean Rippy will follow high school teammate Dontez Ford to Syracuse.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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