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Fresh FizzCast: Disrespecting Doug, ESPN’s Ivan Maisel, Impact of Ritchy Desir

We should be talking about Doug Marrone and his team’s goal to win the Big East, something that Ryan Nassib first told The Fizz at Big East Media Day and that Marrone shared last week. Instead, because of two boneheaded moves by Marcus Sales and Jonny Miller, we are talking about their arrests and subsequent suspensions.

This situation is bothersome for a lot of reasons, one of which is the disrespect I believe it showed to the head coach.

“Doug Marrone does things the right way and these guys disrespected him by going out and getting in trouble with the law. What Marcus Sales did as a senior and a leader on this team and the potential to be its biggest offensive weapon Рto blow that is unfathomable to me.”

However, on the idiot meter Jonny Miller ranks far higher.

“Your talking about a guy who is the 5th string quarterback who can’t throw the football anymore after reconstructive shoulder surgery as a quarterback and he just [washed] away a $50,000 world-class education. Go to bed at 3:30 in the morning!”

For a position that requires elite decision-making skills, even if he is acquitted of all charges, Miller still was out at 3:30 a.m. with a buddy who was arrested in January and has since been kicked off the Colorado football team.

Also, editor’s note: On the FizzCast, discussing the prestigious David B. Falk School of Sport Management, ESPN Senior VP of Talent Planning & Development Laurie Orlando was referenced as the chairman of the board. She is simply on the board, not it‚Äôs chair. Regardless, it‚Äôs an incredibly prestigious and proud faculty that had one of its more prominent students allegedly punch someone in the face at 3:30 a.m. Good move Jonny.

Serial headache Ashton Broyld was back in the news this week thanks to his Facebook page. While we weren’t 100% sure that the post in question was about a position change, Steve Niekem doesn’t see how it could be about anything else:

“I think it’s pretty self explanatory that someone has asked him to switch and probably to defense based on knocking someone out. Plus he references coaches so it seems like someone has come and suggested this change and he’s just not having it right now.”

D.A. also chimed in on the young QB’s:

“We expect more from the guys under center. They’re supposed to be the leaders of the team. If (Miller) wants to move up the ranks, this is the worst way to prove that you’re mature enough to do that.”

Luckily, there was actual football to be discussed. DVM had the latest from SU Media Day and what Marrone is trying to accomplish in recruiting.

“Doug Marrone is trying to get speed, speed and more speed. He wants fast guys on his team. He wants guys who can be fast and physical and he thinks this year his team can compete for a Big East championship.”

We hear from LB coach Dan Conley and his lone returning starter Marquis Spruill. Plus, Fizz favorite Ritchy Desir weighs in on making an early impact. Also the latest on Scoop Jardine’s summer adventures and senior college football writer Ivan Maisel previews the Big East conference.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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