Unlike Ishaq, Kevin McReynolds Is Opening Up About His Decision

While Ishaq was mum, McReynolds is tweeting constantly about his recruitment.

While following the decision-making of Ishaq Williams was nearly impossible, tracking Kevin McReynolds thought-process has been far easier. Why? Unlike Ishaq, he’s updating us on his Twitter account.

Thanks to the feed, we know he visited Mississippi State this weekend and enjoyed the southern hospitality (being from the South, I can tell you southern hospitality is a real thing. And it is awesome).

Prepare for The Fizz’s acclaimed National Signing Day one week from today. On Feb. 2nd Team Fizz will have you covered with live blogging and interviews with the SU commits all day long.

He told ESPN earlier in the week that all four schools (Syracuse, UCLA, Mississppi State and Kansas State) are equal. The Fizz spoke to a source this morning who believes Syracuse chances “are very good” at nabbing the behemoth DT. (Before we go any further, we must ask – Kansas State? Really? Pinstripe Bowl. Salute.)

Yesterday though, McReynolds threw in a new twist. Straight from his handle @LifeOfKM –

“I may commit signing day but may not sign.”

Considering the experience Syracuse has already had with defensive standouts delaying a decision, this is cringe-worthy. Before you lose your heads though, there was the next tweet.

“Only a small possibility thou”

Whew. Would hate to go through that again.

While Ishaq got quieter the closer it got to signing day, leaving us dying for new info, McReynolds has seemingly opened up. Last night there was this:

“Had great meetings with Ucla and Syracuse today. Mississippi state is coming tomorrow. These schools are making it tough on me”

While we’d love for him to tell us: “Met with a few schools. All of them sucked by Syracuse. Probably going there,” the Orange is still in a great position.

A massive snow storm is blasting the D.C. area, leaving McReynolds with home from school and lots of time to tweet this morning.

“No school. Stuck in the house coach mullen may have a problem flying his private jet in to see me because of the massive snow storm”

I wonder if HCDM has a private jet. If he does, thousand bucks says there are bologna sandwiches served on board!

“Kansas state just left the house now Mississippi state”

Hmm. No “that went great” comment? Salute.

Whether it be a signing or just a commitment, we will know where McReynolds is headed next Wednesday. Syracuse football is hoping to echo President Obama’s words last night. “We do big things.”

In McReynolds case – big, large, gargantuan things.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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  1. FortOrange

    I personally would rather have McReynolds over Ishaq and I’m not try to take away from Ishaq. I think Ishaq is a much better sthlete but McReynolds is a player who will fill a position of need. With him and Crume coming in it’ll be hard for any teams to try to run the ball on us. McReynolds will come here and be a stud for 4 years while Ishaq would’ve had to wait his turn and increase weight to be an every down player.

  2. While everything starts in the trenches, stopping the run is primarily on the Linebackers and thus who replaces Hogue and Smith is gonna be more important than who’s playing DT unless we somehow sign Ndomukong Suh.

    That being said, DT is a positon of need and McReynolds would eat blocks while playing it. Ishaq would’ve played right away in limited time in rotation with Chan and Marinovich. He would’ve also got run on Special Teams. That being said, KM would obviously be big.

  3. coreavenger

    How many scholorships do we have available? I see on scout.com that we have 29 verbal commits already. If we get McReynolds and any other highly rated recruits at the end, will su have to pull some offers from those recruits?

  4. Marty H.

    Every time I read about Kevin McReynolds I think about the Kevin McReynolds who played for the Mets. The Mets are orange and blue and so is SU. This Kevin McReynolds would look very good in orange and blue of Syracuse.

  5. @Marty – it’s funny that you mention that. When doing research on McReynolds, I keep coming across old Mets articles and it’s quite annoying. Also Couzens is a Mets fan. Don’t know if that’s relevant. But he is. Poor soul.

  6. Being a Mets fan is like being a young child and discovering there is no Santa Claus. Enjoy the parallels:

    You think there is a Santa from 0-9 years old
    You think there is a hope for the Mets in April and May

    You know there is no Santa from 9-death…every Christmas then becomes about the in-laws. Blech.
    You know there is no hope for the Mets from June-September. You only root against the Braves and Phillies and pray Art Howe/Steve Philips/Omar Minaya get fired.

  7. That analogy is as spot on and well thought out as my “Scoop Jardine is the Jay Cutler of Point Guards” comparison. Perhaps more on that after signing day.

  8. D Williams

    KM would be a much better get than IW and it’s not even close. Not to down IW cus he chose ND, but we NEED DTs NOW. We’d LIKE DEs now but don’t need any. Hoffman, you are dead wrong on that run stopping thing! Up the middle, run stopping is on the DTs not the LBs. If the DTs don’t occupy all of the OL, they go to the LBs. the 2 DTs job is to keep the 3 interior OL off the LBs. Teams had most success up the middle against our run D. That’s on the DTs. No push. The O line was God awful (again) this year too. Why isn’t there more imphasis on increasing the quality there? That’s has been the biggest problem with this team for at least 5 years. Not getting it corrected is, in my opinion, HCDM big failure so far. After all, he IS an offensive lineman.

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