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The Fizz’s Top 100 Syracuse Athletes of All Time

Amazing athletes have come and gone, calling Syracuse home for years. From the football gridiron, to the basketball court, to the lacrosse field, there have been countless athletes that have donned the SU orange. It is a tall task, but we at the Fizz have put our heads together to rank the top 100 SU athletes of all time. We will be releasing articles detailing all of the men and women who made the list over the next few weeks and you can find the complied list of athletes below!

TOP 100:

100. Laura Hurff

99. Brianna Butler

98. Louis Orr

97. Alyssa Murray

96. Kevin Rice

95. Brian Megill

94. Nicole Michael

93. Ben Williams

92. Felisha Legette

91. Trevor Cooney

90. Riley Donahue

89. Wesley Johnson

88. Jojo Marasco

87. Michelle Tumolo

86. Riley Dixon

85. Tim O’Hara

84. Emily Hawryschuk

83. Joel White

82. Jim Collins

81. Malachi Richardson

80. Dylan Donahue

79. Ric Beardsley

78. Sterling Hofrichter

77. John Galloway

76. John Zulberti

75. Tyus Battle

74. Jim Boeheim

73. Zaire Franklin

72. Marvin Graves

71. Tiana Mangakahia

70. Michael Carter-Williams

69. Andre Cisco

68. Andy Rautins

67. Ryan Nassib

66. Tyler Ennis

65. Michael Springer

64. Kayla Alexander

63. Brad Kotz

62. Tim Nelson

61. Alexis Peterson

60. Tom Marechek

59. Kayla Treanor

58. Walter Sweeny

57. Dion Waiters

56. Eric Devendorf

55. Bill Smith

54. Rob Burnett

53. Tebucky Jones

52. Etan Thomas

51. Brandon Triche

50. Brittney Sykes

49. Mike Leveille

48. Liz Hogan

47. Adrian Autry

46. Donovin Darius

45. Eric Dungey

44. Jason Hart

43. C.J. Fair

42. Kevin Abrams

41. Roosevelt Bouie

More athletes will be released at a later date.

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