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How To Take Care of Your Volvo s60 in Syracuse

By now you’ve heard, I’m humming the new Volvo s60 to Syracuse for the SU-DePaul tilt in a few weeks and Team Fizz is throwing itself a “This Could Be Our Last Win Of The Season” party all weekend.

A basketball campaign that began with such promise and a top 3 national ranking is slip-sliding away from the Orange. So it’ll be nice to step inside the Carrier Dome and enjoy a stress-free victory over the middling Blue Demons (hopefully).

We’ve already gone over:

But how to take care of the Volvo? It’s not every day an elite car manufacturer throws you the keys to a brand new ride and says, “Have fun!” This feels a lot like the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where the valet secretly takes the convertible out for a spin by pinning it at 100 mph on the freeway.

“You guys have nothing to worry about. I’m a professional.”

  1. The cooler of Utica Club Light has to be in the trunk. You’re gonna need to stack enough in there for everybody you’re tailgating with. This is no “backseat baby cooler.”
  2. The economy box of sani-wipes has to be in passenger’s seat, within easy reach of the driver. You cannot afford to get Dinosaur BBQ sauce on any of the interior.
  3. The stuffed Otto the Orange window-cling must be on the back, driver’s side glass. The driver of the s60 needs to be able to roll down the window, scream “Let’s Go Orange!” at passing SU fans and point to the mascot.

Volvo and the Cake Group also had the foresight to pass along a “survival kit” for the roadie. Click here for a picture. Flashlight? Check. (For finding the car on a darkened Marshall Street after the bars close.) Portable radio? Check. (For listening to the post-game show while still rocking your iPod playlist on the car stereo.) First aid kit? Check. (For a bruised and battered DePaul team.)

However, Volvo has also thrown in a brick of hand warmers, bags of emergency water and a block of food rations. Guess they’ve gotten the memo on Upstate New York’s winters. Yikes.

We’ll be tweeting, blogging and updating things on Facebook during the entire trip. See ya in three weeks, baby.

Posted: D.A.

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