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FizzCast: Latest on Fab Melo’s Incident, His Future At Syracuse

The news continues to spiral downward for Syracuse center Fab Melo. With how disappointing his freshman season became, most thought his situation couldn’t get worse. We were all wrong. The Fizz has reported on this story over the course of the week and originally found the the investigation was ongoing after the misdemeanor charge, and now his mid-February suspension was a result of a previous altercation with his girlfriend.


“A source close to the situation tells The Fizz that a previous time Melo had been aggressive with the victim directly led to his suspension during the season. According to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, an incident occured on Wednesday, February 9th.

‘Fab pushed his [girlfriend] to the ground. She had to go to the hospital. She had several bruises‚Ķ she claimed she fell down the stairs.’

Following that, according to the source, Melo ‘turned off his phone and left. Coaches couldn‚Äôt get in contact with him. Two days later he said he was dealing with personal issues in Brazil.‚Äù’The incident was never reported to the police. He was suspended for games Feb. 12 (Louisville) and 14 (West Virginia) and played a total of ten minutes over the next three games.”

What we learned Thursday reinforces something we were highly concerned about after hearing the news. This seems to be a pattern of behavior, not an isolated incident. A single incident of domestic violence is dispicable as it is, but a pattern of violence is more disturbing.

The Fizz asked if there were any other details of the incident or whether Melo had physically laid hands on the woman who now has a protection order against him, Connellan said, “that is part of an ongoing police investigation.”

When asked by The Fizz if there had been any previous incidents regarding Melo and his girlfriend, Connellan would only say this is ‘the first time it‚Äôs been brought to us.’ He said that the investigation into the incident has no timetable, and, with regards to a full police report, added ‘when it happens, it happens.’‚Äù

It’s critical to allow the legal system to play out and remember, there are two sides to every story. But Ted, D.A, and I all agree, it’s a matter of when, not if, the once-prized recruit is dismissed from the basketball team and Syracuse University.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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