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Fizz Feedback: Mixing in Man-to-Man, Selling DC 2.0, Rippy to SU?

The loyal Fizz readers have delivered once again with a stuffed inbox this week on the schematics of The Per’fesser’s gameplan and the success of SU’s football recruiting this summer.

The comments section nearly exploded thanks to DVM’s post on why SU should play a little man-to-man this year. Picking a few comments doesn’t do the conversation that ensued justice, so read it here, then (spoiler alert) I’ll continue with my two cents.

At the end of the day, being versatile is a good thing. Tons of teams who play man will also throw in a little 2-3 to mix it up every once in a while. Basketball, probably more than any other sport, is about rhythm. Playing against a zone completely screws up that offensive rhythm. But when a team does get in a rhythm with success against the zone offense, the results can be catastrophic for the defense (see Seton Hall against SU in the Dome).

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If the zone is played right, which under Boeheim it usually is, it’s really hard to beat. In games where the zone is not making life difficult for the offense, a little man-to-man could save a game, maybe even during March Madness.

A big help to that SU zone would be the much discussed Dajuan Coleman. DC 2.0 has a strong bond with Brandon Triche, yet the SU guard says he won’t actively recruit Coleman to the Hill.

“I‚Äôm glad Triche is not taking an active role in the Coleman recruitment saga. It‚Äôs truly best for everyone if he doesn‚Äôt get involved. Triche has his own education, responsibilities and life to focus on and DaJuan has to make the decision that is best for him and his family. I suspect that the possibility has been and will continue to be discussed between the 2 friends. Not as a sales tactic but more of a ‘man, wouldn‚Äôt it be awesome if we got another year and a NC together?’ But, in the end I don‚Äôt think their friendship with affect or be affected by Coleman‚Äôs decision. -cap2nine”

“Let‚Äôs not forget that DaJuan also has a good relationship with incoming freshman Rakeem Christmas. Those relationships, whether they are trying to sell him on the school or not, will certainly affect his decision. -Andy”

Every high school student, athlete or not, has to make their own college decision. That person has to both live with the decision, and live in it. I love what Triche is doing. If Coleman asks, Triche will surely speak honestly of his time at SU (which as far as we know, he‚Äôs enjoyed) but otherwise just be a friend. Same with Christmas. There are a lot of people around Coleman that are going to change in the way they interact with him as he continues down his path toward being the ‚Äúnext big thing.”¬†Some stability in his life is definitely a good thing and he might gravitate towards that sincerity and hopefully SU.

Recruiting insider Adam Zagoria also told The Fizz that he thinks it’s 50-50 for the big man between SU and UK.

“Hey DC, its the same MO at Kentucky every year. Get a great recruiting class, start mostly freshman, lose in the NCAA tourny since there is no experience on the team, then leave after your fresh year to go to the NBA. Then repeat. -Evan”

Evan, hate him all you want (which everybody does) but Cal has been to the Elite 8 every year since he had Derek Rose at Memphis. That season Rose, who shot 86% from the FT line last year in the NBA, was one stinkin’ free throw from winning the natty, which would give Cal just as many as Boeheim.

“Coleman can go to Kentucky to greaseball Caliprari, who has 12 5-star guys on the bench each year. In that situation, its usually not a happy experience. Too many egos and one mistake by him, and their next guy might just play awesome and unseat him permanently. At the Cuse, he will go down as the best Center in 20 years here, be THE star, and forever embedded as a local HERO! Most guys dont make the NBA, and presuming he doesnt, Syracuse will hate the kid for leaving if he goes to Local and Nationally hated Caliprari. -jonathan”

A talent like Coleman would get treated like Demarcus Cousins by Cal. If he did butt heads with the staff he wouldn’t be benched (and Cousins had another first round pick in Daniel Orton behind him). Also, Coleman is going to the NBA. The only question is how long until he makes the league. SU will have to sell some of the things you talked about.

The Per’fesser has always been flexible on offense and DC 2.0 would be the go-to option. Syracuse’s attack has¬†focused both around the perimeter (Wes, Carmelo, G-Mac, Rautins) and interior (Rick, Derrick Coleman), depending on what’s available. Plus, SU consistently has forwards who put up mammoth rebounding numbers – the one stat more than any other that translates to the NBA.

The football recruiting trail is heating up with another 4-star recruit interested in the Orange. Deaysean Rippy is a freakish OLB  and teammate of recent SU commit Dontez Ford.

“Looks like both of these player‚Äôs would be great additions for the Orange. Let‚Äôs all hope that Coach Conley can close the deal for Rippy and bring them both home to Syracuse. Good job to the staff of the Orange Fizz for reporting on future recruits for the Orangemen. Getting real excited for the 2011 football season. -Ron”

Thanks Ron! The Fizz offices are juiced up too and we’re getting ready for football with wall-to-wall coverage of Big East and SU Media Days next weeks. As for Rippy, let’s hope the basketball model of getting guys who know each other (see above) works for football as well.

“I try not to get my hopes up, but could you imagine what Shafer could do with Rippy and Jarron Jones stepping into his defense in 2012? I‚Äôd have to think that if you‚Äôre a LB you‚Äôd want to be in a system that emphasizes the pass rush. It could get real scary for BE QBs with these two guys on the field. Hopefully DM and staff can bring them home to the Dome! -Derek”

With Marquis Spruill as an anchor for the front 7 over next three seasons, adding some big impact players like Rippy or Jones would be enormous. Hearing his coach talk about Rippey is enough to give you goosebumps, and Ford could be a great pick up as well. You can’t teach size and you can’t teach speed, and for all the debate on whether SU has been successful with this class, no one can argue that Marrone has grabbed a lot of guys with those two traits. Another guy along those lines is Leroy Owens, who committed to SU this week and like Ford, is a NR on all the scouting services.

“There are over 1.5 million HS football players in the USA. Scout/Rival/ESPN can‚Äôt rate them all. Good find! -Frank”

That’s a great point and I’ve never thought of it that way. The scouting services are going to get the can’t miss guys, which is part of the reason we talk so much about them. But how much difference is there really between a 1 or 2-star guy and an unrated player? It might just mean they didn’t go to any combines. Both Ford and Owens fit the Marrone model: get size and speed and coach em up.

“I‚Äôm curious as to how long we can expect to hold on to Scott Schafer. He has done an amazing job with the defense over the past few years and I have to imagine other schools are after him (or will be at some point). -MattyZ”

That‚Äôs the million dollar question. Schafer has taken the worst defense in a BCS conference with players coached by the most inept defensive coach ever and made it into a top 25 unit. He‚Äôs going to get looks. All indications are he loves where he is, but it’s impossible to guess what kind of money will be thrown his way. Schafer is a competitor, and eventually you would think he’ll want his shot to be the man if he‚Äôs offered a head coaching gig.

Thanks for all the feedback this week! Stay tuned for the latest on Rippy with DVM joining me in studio for this week’s FizzCast. Remember to continue commenting on all of our posts and to respond to it all on Twitter (@OrangeFizz) so your thoughts can end up in the Fizz Feedback next week.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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