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Should Syracuse’s 2022 Offers Include Amarri Tice?

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There’s been plenty of focus pinned on Donovan Clingan, Kyle Filipowski, Ty Rodgers and the many other offered players that Syracuse has extended interest toward. But the kicker is how deep the class of 2022 is, and how vigilant the Orange must stay on the market.

So how about a player that has flown under SU’s radar, but could land an offer prior to the ‘22 season. It’s 6’7” guard Amarri Tice.

Tice’s journey is unconventional, and the schools recruiting him aren’t major, but his skill and potential are present and D1 worthy. The Newburgh, New York native (three hours southeast of Syracuse) was slated to graduate in 2021 before reclassifying a year back, and joining the South Kent School for another season of high school ball. 

When he made that decision, Tice had no offers according to Verbal Commits. Since then, he’s racked up five, including UAlbany, UNC-Wilmington, UMass Amherst, Siena and UMBC. A couple days ago, Iona was added to the list.

Although those schools don’t inch close to the caliber SU is at, Tice has undoubtedly made strides in the recruiting circuit. The wing secured four of those in the last month alone. From no offers to six low level programs, Tice’s stock has risen, and now close to 10 more division one schools are on his radar.

That could provide competition to a possible push at landing Tice, but as of now, none of those programs have officially offered the New York native.

That’s where SU can swoop in and add depth to its bench. If all goes as predicted and both the Boeheims and Bourama Sidibe graduate, Benny Williams is a one-and-done, and a few players test the transfer portal due to inevitable unhappiness with playing time, Tice can fill a plethora of holes as a combo guard. He can provide a catch and shoot option, while also possessing the ability to attack the rim off the dribble and in transition.

According to Sports Illustrated, Coach Autry gave the 6’7” guard a call about SU’s interest. That plays in Syracuse’s favor because of Tice’s local roots and how early the Orange are willing to join the party before making any final decision. From his past, the reclassified guard has shown patience in this process, which should be expected as offers, looks and calls continue to roll in.

But with Syracuse’s history the proximity to Tice, the Orange must keep a tab on someone who will most likely place SU at the top of his list if the cards align. Boeheim and company just have to stay vigilant as he enters his senior year, knowing that a possible surefire commit hangs in the balance.

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