Orange Fizz Inbox: McReynolds, Signing Day, Waiters Benched

All eyes are on Kevin McReynolds before Wednesday, while Boeheim deals with Dion.

Just three days until National Signing Day and the self-proclaimed Fizz-Mas around these parts, so time to answer as many recruiting questions as possible in this week’s Orange Fizz Inbox.

Each Sunday we sift through the comments section of this week’s posts and search our @replies on Twitter and answer the best of the bunch.

The majority of buzz regarding still surrounds Kevin McReynolds, the much discussed and much hyped DT out of Washington, D.C., who would no doubt fill a hole in the middle of the Orange defense.

As good as McReynolds’ is in the interior stopping the run is primarily on the linebackers, the departures of Hogue and Smith could be even more important than landing the DT.

“Hoffman, you are dead wrong on that run stopping thing! Up the middle, run stopping is on the DTs not the LBs. If the DTs don’t occupy all of the OL, they go to the LBs. the 2 DTs job is to keep the 3 interior OL off the LBs.” – D Williams

Name the 49ers starting DTs. Can’t? Patrick Willis seems to do just fine, and he’s widely considered the best MLB in the game. Do great DT’s make linebackers better? Absolutely. But they’re not necessary.

Ray Lewis has lifted a great career into perhaps the best ever from a MLB by taking full advantage of playing behind Tony Siragusa, Sam Adams, and then Haloti Ngata. They eat blocks like they eat anything else – in large portions until they’re satisfied. But Lewis goes sideline-to-sideline and finishes the plays. For Syracuse, tackling was a big issue last year. It was more of a problem in the secondary, but if the guys that come in at linebacker can’t tackle like Hogue and Smith, the Orange is going to have problems.

Impact linebackers are so vital, I’d rather have an elite MLB than a guy in the middle of my line. That being said, McReynolds would be a huge get, and make the job of the new linebackers that much easier. Getting McReynolds however is the tricky part.

“@orangefizz I don’t wanna get too high on KM. I feel like I was sucked in with Ishaq n got burned. KM would be a huge addition to the class” – @adamstock1983

In this week’s FizzCast, Kanell asked Conroy and I where we thought K-Mac would land. We both predicted Mississippi State. He was “blown away” by his visit (then again, he’s seemed to enjoy every visit) and came away highly impressed with Dan Mullen. He claims all four schools (Cuse, Miss St, UCLA, and K-State) are equal, although at one point, The Fizz was told it was down to Syracuse and UCLA. It’s hard to feel comfortable in the McReynolds’ sweepstakes.

The Fizz’s acclaimed National Signing Day coverage hits Wednesday morning. On Feb. 2nd Team Fizz will have you covered with live blogging and interviews with the SU commits all day long. Follow us on Twitter for the latest Signing Day buzz.

It’s been a brutal week for Syracuse basketball. Against Marquette, Scoop Jardine dropped the worst double double in the history of Point Guarding (it’s a word, look it up!), committing two turnovers in the final 8 minutes. Both times it was a one possession game. He then launched two shots from within the arc (both of which never had a chance) when his team needed 3’s in the final minute.

But most of the attention surrounded a player who never saw a minute of action. After the incident against Seton Hall, Dion Waiters didn’t play at all Saturday.

“I’ve heard through numerous sources close to the ‘Cuse team (former players, media, press) that Waiters is a selfish, cocky, immature player from philly.

You mix him in with a coach who shows no emotion or discipline and something like this is bound to happen. I’ve personally never been a fan of JB’s coaching style or him as a person in all the years i have watched ‘Cuse.

I feel JB does not have a backbone when it comes to players such as Waiters, Harris, Devo and probably even Melo. I’m sure if Waiters would have said “F off” to a Pitino, Izzo, Williams, Coach K or even Bobby Knight he would be suspended or booted off the team (or choked out).” -orangecrush22

Interestingly, for a coach who’s in the Hall of Fame, has a national championship over 800 wins, Boeheim still seems to have a lot of fans that don’t like him. There are the legions of fans who love and adore him for 35 years of service, but man he has a lot of haters. I’m not one of those, but I certainly understand the frustration with the refusal to play man-to-man. Would be nice to switch things up when teams like Villanova and Seton Hall start lighting up the zone like the sky on 4th of July. But the man’s won 800 games playing the 2-3.

Concerning player management, I have no problem and no right to question The Per’fesser. Paul Harris even told The Fizz Boeheim is “a genius.” He’s not going to rip a guy through the media, he’ll simply sit the player when his team could clearly use the scoring burst to send the message.

What Boeheim did was brilliant. He suspended a player without the public humiliation of a suspension. In theory, when Dion figures that out he should have more respect for JB and play as such. Sorry Crush and other Orange fans, but the man knows what he’s doing.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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  1. Its not about Zone or Man to Man. Its about a coach that thinks his feses doesn’t stink. He’s always right!! He has pure tenure and he knows it. His program has been caught doing naughties. And he gets away with it. The Icabod Crane of college basketball needs to humble himself before the fans on his wrong side join his fan club!!!

  2. Having Kevin McReynolds commit to Syracuse would be huge for the program. I feel that Mississippi State has always been the front runner in his recruitment though. Mr. McReynolds needs to ask himself one question,if I go to Syracuse I will probably start and play for 4 years, if I go to Mississippi State I will probably set on the bench for 2 years and get into a game maybe as a junior and or a senior. WHICH SCHOOL DO I WANT TO ENROLL IN?
    Coach Boehiem has won close to 900 games over his career, has been inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame. Coach Boehiem has led Syracuse to 3 title games. If it wasn’t for Keith Smart shooting from the corner he would have won the championship in 1987 and finally won it in 2003. Coach Boehiem’s resume speaks for itself. He doesn’t have to make excuses for anything that he’s accomplished over the years. When people like Terry writes something nasty about him or the program,it tells people like me just how ignorant they are about the game of basketball.

  3. OrangeCrush22

    I’m not hater of JB, just don’t agree with his decision making and coaching style.

  4. Terry – I think your opinion is similar to that of a sizable portion of the fan base, but I’m not one who understands it. Disagreeing with Boeheim is one thing, but I don’t see the point in criticizing him for thinking his decisions are correct. I’m from the Boston area, and similar things are often said about Bill Belichick. Why shouldn’t a coach have confidence in his own decisions? Would you like to see him bow down to Dion Waiters and tell him to do whatever he wants and play however he likes? The man has the resume, but that’s not even the point. Any decent coach should have extreme confidence in himself and his own decisions.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    – Kanell

  5. OrangeCrush22

    Kanell, I agree with having confidence has a coach, but at some point you have to realize that if something isn’t working, then you need to re-adjust your strategy. (ex; Zone isn’t working the first 5-10 minutes in the first half, get out of it for a bit and try something else, i don’t want to see a press or man to man “D” in the 2nd half with 10 minutes to go and we are down 10-15).

    For Dion, i liked JB sittin him down against Marquette. I just don’t see this system fitting him and wouldn’t be surprised if he transfered.

  6. Moving away from the zone will never and should never happen. As much as I wish it was an option, SU doesn’t practice man and they can’t play it. That’s as far as that conversation needs to go unless Boeheim, after 35 years, starts to have man as a real option, which he won’t do.

    And Terry, I have a question for you. Why should he care if a portion of the fanbase doesn’t like him? He has the tenure and the job security not to have to worry about that. That means he can do what he thinks is best, which is usually right, and not worry what fans think about it. Must be nice.

  7. OrangeCrush22

    Really it’s a pointless to argue because your right, JB won’t change his style and doesn’t have to.

    But the bottomline is good coaches win, great coaches find ways to win. If Jeremy Hazell and the rest of Seton Hall are on fire, you’d think JB would change something up and get out of the zone for a time being.

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