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5 Biggest Underdogs To Win The Super Bowl

In Super Bowl history, there have been a few long shots to win. There’s a big part of the audience always rooting for the underdogs.¬†

The Super Bowl odds have not always been on point and there have always been occasions where underdogs impress. The Bengals nearly did it last year, but the Rams were just a little bit better.

As we look towards this Super Bowl, we have to consider that this season could see yet another wild underdog win. Who will it be? There is no telling yet. 

Here are the times 5 huge underdogs took the Super Bowl home! 

#1. St. Louis Rams (1999) +15000

The most extreme case of this happening was back in 1999. This was the long shot to end all long shots. It was titled ‘The Greatest Show On Turf’. The Rams had begun the season at +15000. 

Instead of them performing as everyone expected, Kurt Warner ended up leading the league in every statistical passing category. 

The team put up an insane 32.9 points per game, and had a 6.5 yard average per play. The offense was headed by the former Arena League QB Warner, Isaac Bruce, and Marshall Faulk, who are all Hall of Famers. 

Most people remember the most electric offense they put up, but no one remembers how this team was actually only expected to win 5.5 games. 

Dick Vermeil was coming off consecutive losing seasons and they found a way to win it all.

#2. New England Patriots (2001) +6000

The Pats in 2001 had to rely on the unknown, in the form of an inexperienced quarterback. The veteran was Drew Bledsloe, and he had gone down after only 2 games. In came Brady to take over. 

No one knew what to expect of Brady back then, since he had thrown only 3 passes by that point. 

He led the team to a record of 11-5, and became the second seed in the AFC. 

Their preseason odds were the 7th longest seen in the NFL that year. They allowed only 15.7 points per game in the playoffs, and they toppled the ‚ÄòGreatest Show on Turf‚Äô Rams in the Super Bowl. 

This occasion was the first of many Super Bowl rings for Brady, but this was the year the Pats knew they had something special in Tom Brady.

#3. San Francisco 49ers (1981) +5000

The 49ers in 1981 allowed 15.6 points per game, had to rely on a quarterback with little experience. That quarterback was Joe Montana. 

He went on to lead the 49ers to even more championships and get put into the title of the Best of All Time. 

They defeated the powerful Cowboys in the NFC Title Game with ‘The Catch.’

This was the game that kick-started the dynasty for the 49ers, as well as the legacy that Montana left behind. 

They ended up being top-2 on preseason Super Bowl odds boards 15 times between ‘81 and ‘99 after this. 

#4. Philadelphia Eagles (2017) +4000

This is the most recent incident of a large underdog winning the Lombardi. Carson Wentz was having an MVP style season, but he went down due to an injury, and was replaced by Nick Foles. 

The season came to its pinnacle in the highest ever scoring Super Bowl ever with a total of 74 combined points.

The game was decided thanks to a strip sack of Brady, but it was highlighted thanks to an end around pass to Foles, which ended up titled as the ‚ÄòPhilly Special‚Äô. 

The team exceeded expectations and a point total of 8.5 by an impressive 4.5 games.

#5. Washington Redskins (1982) +3500

A players strike shortened the season in this year to only 9 regular season games. The Redskins went 8-1. The league expanded the postseason field to decide on a fair champion. Two teams made the playoff field with losing records, the Lions and the Browns. 

But, Washington ended up with the rings, toppling Miami 27-17 in that year’s Super Bowl.¬†

Head coach Joe Gibbs managed to lead the Redskins to a 14.2 point league-best per game. Joe Theismann made the Pro Bowl (3 years prior to his injury) and he finished second in the whole league for completion percentage. 

They also overcame their rival at the time, Dallas, who was a favorite during the pre-season, in their conference game as well.

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