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FizzCast: Chandler Jones Makes Peace with The Fizz

Listen to Chandler Jones describe his history with The Fizz:

Here at The Fizz there are certain Orange players we love. We love Averin Collier (former Orange) for showing us new uniforms. We love Deshaun Williams because he didn’t have a clue. For completely opposite reasons, we love Chandler Jones.

Frank Ordonez / The Post-Standard

Unfortunately for a few months, this has been an unrequited love, but thanks to my personal connection to the 6’5”, 250 monster of a defensive end, we were able to set up an interview with Chan in an effort to make a truce.

Before the peace pipe was extended, we talked about the overall effect the blogosphere has had on athletes in the public eye including their Twitter accounts.

‚ÄúMy mom used to tell me, ‚Äòyou never know who‚Äôs watching‚Äô… This experience (with The Fizz) taught me to change my tweets. I started tweeting more motivational things, or most of the time I tweet about what I‚Äôm listening to and less to my personal life.‚Äù

As a media member this makes life far less interesting, but it should help fans sleep better at night (are you listening Scoop?).

On SU’s resurgent season, Chan thought ‚ÄúCuse Nation‚Äù was surprised to see the success, but he knew this was coming and even had a sense of disappointment by the end.

“I wasn’t shocked at all. You know how the Cuse Nation and the Orange Nation and everyone said ‘Wow congratulations! I’m shocked’ Рwell obviously I wasn’t satisfied with this season. I mean we went 7-5, but you always shoot for more.”

Chan was asked to compare Doug Marrone to Groobers (Chan didn’t actually play under that conniving SOB, but he did redshirt a year under him and his brother played for Robinson). Although this seems like an easy, non-controversial question (helloooo W-L record!), Chan was careful not to step on any toes, while still giving a thoughtful and quite frankly interesting answer.

“You try to stay away from comparing and contrasting coaches, but with Coach Marrone I think he tries to develop his players more as men off the field. He’s about making them into men more than football.”

Being the man that he is (Dougie would be proud), the Malcolm Cater situation is tricky to comment on. How did the team react to the news? Would it effect them on the field next year since Cater probably would have been a starter?

“You know, I don’t know a lot about it (Cater’s arrest/dismissal). One day he didn’t come to practice. You just have to deal with adversity. He’s a guy who’s no longer on our team. You’ll never know what would have happened with him. You just gotta let that pass by.”

We wrapped up with an official peace offering, which I’m happy to report was accepted! Chan said he would unblock us on Twitter and we promise to behave ourselves (at least in regards to number 99).

Chan is a guy the SU fanbase can be proud of. He‚Äôs undeniably smart, notedly hilarious, and a hell of a player. He’ll likely be joining his brother playing on Sundays after graduation. As for now, we‚Äôre just excited we can tweet him updates of Ishaq news again here at The Fizz.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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